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LiveLean Vs Musclefood

Posted on January 17, 2017 in How I Make Money
Batch cooking and bulk buying

Livelean or Musclefood? It’s a tough decision for many. If you are looking for a review I’ve reviewed Livelean in detail over in this post, and you can also view all the latest discount codes for LiveLean here which I make sure are updated daily.

But if you want to know who’s best, keep reading.

Both Livelean and Muscle Food of them have such a big following and buying meat online is becoming huge. In fact, both companies are very similar in more ways than one – even their social media accounts are similar. LiveLean use the hashtag #BestOfBritish on their twitter and Musclefood use #TweetYourMeat – so don’t get confused because that could be an awkward slip-up!

LiveLean Food In Fridge



For 5kg of Premium Chicken Breasts, it’s £24.95 for LiveLean and £25 for Musclefood. Ok, so it’s only 5p different – but every little helps and all that… LiveLean wins the chicken.

Liquid egg whites are one of the most popular products on both LiveLean and Musclefood’s best seller list. LiveLean sells 1L at £2.94, while Musclefood sells 1L for £2.95. Cutting it even tighter here by just 1p – LiveLean, once again steals the lead.

So as you can probably guess, many of Livelean’s products follow this trend. Although it’s not tonnes cheaper than Musclefood it is still better priced and when it’s all added up, you’ll be much better off.


Everybody is different, but in my opinion, I find the taste of LiveLean’s meat better. Of Course, it’s meat, it all tastes very similar but I found Musclefoods chicken to be kinda dry, tough and chewy, whereas LiveLean’s wasn’t as tough and chewy. Could that be down to how I cooked it? Yes possibly. But still, in my opinion, LiveLean wins.


I’ve already gone into detail about how LiveLean prides themselves on their animal welfare and produce quality. With most of their meat being reared outside and grass fed on UK farms, it’s clear to see that a high standard of quality is very important to them.

Musclefood’s website states that they use “responsibly sourced” meats which come from reputable farms where animal welfare standards are met.

So for this round, it’s a draw between Musclefood and LiveLean. However due to the results of the price and taste comparison I have to say LiveLean is a clear, overall winner.

LiveLean order

Thinking Of Buying From LiveLean? Check Out My Thoughts

Posted on January 17, 2017 in How I Make Money
LiveLean discount codes vouchers

This month I bought some meat from LiveLean! Buying meat online has always been something I’ve reluctant of, I had a bad experience with a different company a few years back and it concerns me every time – however due to the low prices and the fact that I hate supermarkets I figured it was worth a shot, here’s my review:

The box that my meat came in was pretty cool – It was really quirky Here’s a photo!

LiveLean Box

How witty is this….

Premium U.K Rump Minute Steak:


I ate this alongside some new potatoes and veg. Normally I add peppercorn sauce to my steak, but this was so tasty I didn’t even need to. Some steaks I eat are really tough and chewy but this was perfect AND it was so huge it hardly fit on my steak plates!

It cost me £2.95 and for that, I got 2 6oz rump minute steaks – which is an amazing offer, if you ask me!


The taste was beautiful, very meat and succulent. It didn’t even shrink during cooking which is what I expected with them being so massive. It also had a really long date so I could have kept it in the fridge for a few more days, but once I saw it – I knew we had to eat it the night we got it because it looked so scrummy.

Whole UK Roasting Chicken:

Whole roast chicken LiveLean

This was perfect for our Sunday roast dinner. Combining it with vegetables, roasties, stuffing and of course Yorkshire Puddings (They’re not restricted to beef meals). The chicken was tasty and delicious and surprisingly better than our usual supermarket chicken.

As there’s not many mouths to feed we bought the greatly valued 1.3kg roasting chicken for just £4.95 and we were not disappointed with the amount of meat we got.

I followed the instructions on the LiveLean Roasting Chicken page about putting lemon in its bum – which I did find a bit odd, but it made it really tasty, and then we used the oil and juices to make a beautiful gravy.

The date was also about 5 days long so we had plenty of time to use it, without having to freeze it.

British Chicken Sausages:

British Chicken Sausages LiveLean

We bought a packet of 8 Chicken sausages for £2.99. I definitely prefer chicken sausages to pork and I normally buy Heck sausages when they have yellow labels at the supermarket, but they’re just so expensive. I found the price of these great value, considering you get 8 sausages not six and they weigh 400g, so it’s not like they’re small.

I like the taste of these chicken sausages because there’s no nasty fatty taste or bits, they were just really tasty sausages. Great to have with my fry-up, alongside the sliced back bacon which I also bought and also go well in our midweek lunch boxes for work, eaten hot or cold. They were also gluten free, which doesn’t matter to us, but other people may be interested to know.

Premium Chicken Fillets:

Premium Chicken Fillets LiveLean

I could live off of chicken, it goes in most of my lunches and dinner so it’s important to find good tasting and good value chicken. LiveLean’s Premium Chicken Fillets cost me £11.95 for 2kg, which is slightly more than I would pay at Aldi, but my Aldi chicken comes frozen, so I think I pay for a lot of frozen water because they definitely don’t weigh as much defrosted.

Premium Chicken Fillets LiveLean

I got 10 in a pack and I split them into batches of two, flavoured them all differently and cooked them for about an hour and a half. I love using chicken fillets for salads, sandwiches and packed lunches so I love buying big bulk packs like this.

The breasts are huge and tasty, though I did notice they were slightly dryer than some chicken I get, this could be because they don’t add water and fillers, though, so it’s actually a pretty good thing.

Finest Lean Minced Beef:

Lean Minced Beef LiveLean

Thursday night is chilli night so this lean minced beef made the perfect addition to our pre-weekend meal. PLUS it’s lean so I knew I wasn’t getting too much calorific fat. I usually use Quorn mince to make chillies, I prefer normal mince but because it’s so hard to find a really good quality lean packet I just use the vegetarian stuff.

Now that I’ve found this I might start buying it regularly, it only cost £3.45 and made a really delicious lean chilli. I think it works out cheaper than using Quorn mince too.

Sliced Back Bacon:

LiveLean Sliced Bacon

Using the back bacon alongside the chicken sausages made my weekend breakfast more interesting. After date night with gin, a little bit of bacon was a necessity. If you have a look on LiveLeans bacon page you’ll see all the nutritional benefits of it too – there’re tonnes which I had no idea about.

It cost me £2.65 to get 400g which worked out at 10 rashers, which means I could freeze the rest for another hungover weekend.

Liquid Egg Whites:

LiveLean Egg Whites

I love buying these instead of buying eggs because I always get upset about wasting the egg yolks when I need a white. If you have any ideas what I can use them for, please let me know…Someone said putting them in my hair to make it smooth and silky, but I’m not sure. Anyway back to the review… The liquid egg whites were great for adding to my omelettes and pancakes. I’m not one for scrambled eggs, though, so I didn’t attempt that but I think many people do.

It cost me £2.94 which is slightly more expensive than buying a pack of cheap eggs, but it is more convenient. Even though everything about these was great – and they tasted delicious, I’m just not sure if I pick convenience over many saving.

If you’re going to go ahead and buy from LiveLean, use one of my Discount codes on this page to save yourself AT LEAST £5!

LiveLean Online Meat & Protein Store
LiveLean Meat
Written by: Alexis
Date Published: 01/17/2017
Livelean meat was excellent. The chicken was much better than what I've bought in the supermarket, as was everything else I bought such as the sausages and bacon.
5 / 5 stars

My Review of OddsMonkey

Posted on April 16, 2016 in How I Make Money
Odds Monkey welcome page

If you’re thinking of joining Odds Monkey, here’s what you need to know.

This is my OddsMonkey review (so far).

I’m a member of their premium service (I pay monthly).


OddsMonkey is a matched betting service, which claims to have been around for years.

I joined this one as apparently its the cheapest and is a bit less overcrowded than some of the other matched betting sites.

They launched recently and I’ve been making money with them for a couple of weeks.

Make sure you have been looking at the right page : click here to open OddsMonkey.

oddsmonkey basic training

The training guides are simple and easy to follow. They’re layed out in a way that makes it feel like you’re progressing.

What Odds Monkey Does

Odds Monkey charge £15 a month in return for teaching you how to make money from matched betting.

To a girl like myself who has never done any betting before, it all seemed quite confusing.

Matched betting is where you make money from betting sites offers and some other bits (not got to that section yet).

I joined the free membership on odds monkey where you learn the process and get to do the first two offers.


Odds Monkey explain everything with videos and tutorials. I had to watch a few times at the weekend after a lie in, when I watched it after work during the week it confused me loads!

I got the hang of it though and apparently the weekend is a good time as there is lots of horse racing and big football matches on.

On their site it says you can make up to £45. I’m not sure if I did it slightly differently but I made £28.90 from my first two bets.

I used my £28 to join and started going through the next section (still working my way through it).

Oddsmonkey oddsmatching tools

The oddsmonkey software helps newbies like me find bets quickly and easily

How Much Money Have I Made

I write everything down in my notebook so I remember what I’ve done. (Spreadsheets are apparently good but I just prefer pen and paper!)

So far I’ve made £347 which I’m really pleased with. It’s getting easier now that I’m getting used to it.

It’s quite annoying sometimes because some of the betting sites have emailed me asking for a photo of my ID and sometimes a utility bill too.

I think they have to ask for legal reasons, but it means you can’t withdraw your profit from your account until they verify your account and this can sometimes take a few days.

Update 5 May :

I’m making on average around £150 a week so far. Still doing the sign up offers. Did an offer with Bet-victor (as an existing member) this week where I placed £25 on the Man City game and got a £10 bet.

It’s these little bets that all add up – as other members said it’s all the small £2 and £3 bets here and there that combine to a nice months total.

Update 26th May :

Things seemed a bit quiet last week, but then it got a bit crazy with some nice offers on the FA cup final. Man Utd won! So I’m still making some nice money.

The french open is currently on so I’ve been making a steady £5 – £15 a day from that.

We’re also getting close to Euro 2016 (a year ago I wouldn’t have known or cared this!) which means LOADS of free bets, offers and exclusive things for us matched betters.

Update July 10th :

So today is the final of Euro 2016 and what a month it’s been. The past 30 days have been incredibly lucrative with offers, especially when England and Wales have been playing. Perhaps we would have made even more money if England weren’t so rubbish! There has been so many free bets, including the £50 risk free bet from bet365 which we make £35 from each time. Wimbledon finishes today too which has been good aswell.


I’ve tallied up my progress since starting, and in the past 2-3 months I’ve now made over £2000. I’m over the moon, never thought a girl like me would get my head around this, let alone make so much. I’ve been restricted from Paddy Power which is a shame, so I won’t get any promo offers from them any more. Onwards and upwards, the Premier League and other football is back next month, plus the Olympics – hoping they’ll be good money makers!

What Am I Doing With My Profit?

It’s been my dream for the past five years to see as much of the world as possible.

I’ve been keeping all the money I have made from this in my old student account with Natwest (after I finally paid off my student overdraft!).

Other members in the odds monkey forum and on NetMums said to keep as much of the profit as possible.

Then when I finish on the new customer offers I will have plenty of ‘bankroll’ (float) to use for the next section of offers.

I think there is still a long way for me to go but I’m just really happy that this has worked so far.

Eventually I want to go traveling, so if I save up quite a bit from this and my other Internet earnings then i’ll one day have enough.

Got to keep chasing those dreams!

Problems I Have Faced

So far three things have slowed me down –

Using Just My Phone

I tried to get my head around a lot of it by just using my iphone when I was on the train. It’s OK to just browse the forum but stick to a laptop/ipad/tablet when you’re actually placing the bets.

Nothing worse than losing signal on your phone!

Get Skrill and Paypal

Next I would make sure you have an account with Skrill. Some sites don’t have Paypal and if you don’t get a Skrill account (it’s like Paypal) then you have to use your debit card.

This is fine (using card) but sometimes it takes all week for the bookmakers to send you back the money when you withdraw it!

Use Google Chrome or Firefox

I was using Internet explorer on my laptop (which is a bit old now) and it kept crashing. I hadn’t really used it for much other than Facebook but now I know why people keep telling me to use Chrome. Its way quicker using OddMonkey with Chrome.

Firefox is apparently just as good but I have an app installed in Chrome too now for my Netflix!

Should You Join

Odds Monkey is a lot cheaper than all of these other sites.

I did quite a bit of research first and some other girls on mumsnet told me to join here.

I’ve been making £150 a week and only do this at night after my part time job!

So you could be making a lot more than me if you give it a go.


My advice would be to signup to the free version first and see what you think. Some of these sites and blogs are quite pushy, so just join for free and take your time.

Better if you don’t rush and then it won’t scare you off. If we could all make £150 a week we would all be so much better off!

Click here to visit and join today.

I hope this helps you make up your mind. I’m going to update this page every two weeks (or weekly if I have time!).

I’m getting into blogging now too so Odds Monkey should help me keep this matched betting journal going!

Please leave me a comment or share with your Facebook friends. I would love to hear from you all (i’ll checkout your blog too if you have one!)




Review of OddsMonkey premium membership.
OddsMonkey Premium Membership
Written by: Alexis
Date Published: 05/05/2016
OddsMonkey is a great site, giving you all the tools and training you need to learn matched betting and make a second income.
10 / 10 stars


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