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Risk-Free Casino Offers & How To Exploit Them

Last updated July 27th, 2017 in Matched Betting
no risk casino offers

Perhaps you have become a seasoned matched bettor and completed all of the sportsbook offers, so you’re looking to take the next step.

Or you’re new to matched betting, and wondering what it is all about.

Regardless, making money from the principles of matched betting isn’t limited to extracting value from sportsbook free bets.

Casino offers can be very lucrative – perhaps THE most lucrative. We have seen some people make huge sums with just one casino offer.

This is the exception rather than the rule, but it is possible.

So with this guide, we are going to explain what casino offers are, how they vary, and what you can do to exploit them.


What are Casino Offers?

There are numerous different types of casino offer. If you have any experience with betting at all you will have seen most of them.

Welcome offers are the most popular, and what you will notice is that they’re usually a lot bigger than welcome offers for sportsbooks.

It’s not uncommon to see 100% bonuses on first deposits of up to £500, leaving you with £1000 to play with.

Then once you are a customer of a certain casino you will be offered further deposit offers to ensure your continued play.

These are known as reload offers.

Now the thing you must know is that some of the welcome offers and the reload offers have strings attached.

These are in the form of wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a stipulation of the offer that says you must roll over your deposit and bonus x amount of times before you can withdraw.

For example, if you receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to £500, and take the full amount, you will have £1000 to play with.

With roll over requirements of 25x, you must place £25,000 worth of bets before you can withdraw your funds.

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a pretty difficult task.

Not only that, but that is quite intimidating, £25,000!

With these offers, there is an element of risk involved, and they’re most suited to more experienced matched bettors. The rewards can be amazing, but we’ll cover these in a bit.

However, for people new to the scene, there are also casino offers which carry zero risks.

Yep, none of your money is on the table.

You have everything to gain, but nothing to lose.


How Can Casino Offers be Risk-Free?

Some online casino’s shy away from offering huge sign-up bonuses.

In fact, they decide to hook players in with what are known as ‘risk-free’ offers.

These are offers where they provide you with something like 30 free spins on a particular casino game.

You will then play through your spins, and any winnings are added to your cash bonus.

Typically, these winnings are capped at something like £10 per 10 spins.

But it’s free money, so I doubt you’ll complain too much.

Big deal, you’re probably thinking.

You may only receive £2 or £3 from each of these risk-free offers.

But what you must factor in is that there are around 15-20 of these risk-free offers available.

And each offer takes just minutes to complete, it’s not bad. Plus – you have the chance to win big!

Some bookies even offer you £10 no deposit necessary bonuses.

Yep, that’s right, they will literally deposit £10 into your betting account for you to bet with.

And you don’t have to put any of your money on the line first!


How Much Profit Will You Make?

Casino offers are different from the sportsbook offers because the amount you can earn from each promotion relies on luck to some extent.

Now, it’s not a bad position to be in, because all you’re risking is the bookmaker’s cash.

With a welcome or reload offer that gives you free spins, the returns can vary.

Sometimes, you will go through your free spins and not make a single penny.

But other times, you could hit a feature board, and hit the jackpot, winning hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

Casino Big Win

You see, with casino offers, it is important to remember that you are playing with an eye on the future.

The more offers that you complete, the better your chances of the odds playing in your favour and you hitting one of them big wins.

When that happens, you’ll be thankful you took the minutes out of your day to complete the welcome offers that preceded your jackpot winning attempt!


The Best Risk-Free Casino Strategy

There are lots of different opinions in the matched betting community.

Ultimately, your strategy with casino offers is up to you.

Because of the unpredictable nature of casino games, it is unlike a sportsbook offer where you must follow a set strategy.

But, it is generally accepted that there are two different ways to approach these offers.

The first is the long, patient approach.

Say for argument sake that you have £1000 in your casino account, of which £500 is a bonus.

And then you must play through it 10x in order to withdraw it.

That is £10,000 worth of bets you must place.

Now, all games are guaranteed to pay out a certain amount over a set period of time.

For example, a particular slot may have a RTP (return to player) of 90%.

This means that in the long run, the player wins £90 for every £100 placed.

Obviously, to make the game exciting, the slot doesn’t consistently pay out at that price.

Sometimes you could bet £1 and win £1000, other times you could bet £100 and win nothing.

So the approach that some like to take, is the slow, steady one.

They try to take advantage of the RTP and trust that once they’ve completed their rollover requirements, they will still have £900 of their original £1000 left at the end of it.

They will play maximum lines and the minimum 1p bet per line.

So each bet may cost 25p, which means you must place 40,000 bets to place that £10,000 worth of bets goal.

Sure, it takes a while, but it is the most risk averse and means you should average a profit more often.

But the profit is likely to be low.

You can even use a program like Auto Clicker, which automatically clicks your mouse every few seconds.

This way you can leave your mouse clicking the slot over night while you’re asleep!

On the flip side of the coin, you could try to play higher stakes.

The benefits of this are that obviously, it will be a lot quicker to play through the rollover requirements.

And if you hit the slot machine while it is in a good mood, you could hit some pretty big wins!

But, the downside is that these big wins will be less frequent.

You could go bust on 5 offers before you turn a big profit on one to make it all worthwhile.


Bingo Offers

You will notice that it isn’t just the casino’s that are trying to tempt players with welcome offers.

The bingo sites are also looking to do the same!

Bingo offers tend not to be risk-free, but they are generally low risk.

They have a return of around 60%, but it’s important to remember that this is an expected value over a period of time.

This means that for all bingo sites where they offer a 200% deposit, it should be viewed as an offer where the expected value is positive.

For example, if you sign up to a deposit £20 get a 200% bonus offer, that will leave us with £60 in our bank.

If we spend that £60 on bingo cards, and our expected return is 60%, then we should see a final return of £36. This gives us a £16 profit.


High-Risk Casino Offers

Now, once you’ve signed up for the all of the no risk offers, you may grow tired of waiting for no risk reloads to appear.

This is where you can start to explore the riskier casino offers, but be warned, they’re advanced for a reason.

You shouldn’t start with high-risk offers until your matched betting bank is looking pretty substantial.

This is because it’s a long term game.

You may experience losses in the short term, but they hold a longer term positive value.

With one offer, you may lose all of your deposit.

But with further offers, you may end up winning hundreds, or thousands.

It’s risky, and not for the feint hearted.

It’s stepping more towards being gambling.

Except, you are doing so safe in the knowledge that the odds and expected value is stacked in your favour.

It’s the same way the bookmakers win money.

With each bet they take, they’re not guaranteed to win.

But the expected value is in their favour, and over time they will win.

So while high-risk casino offers may not win you money every time, you will win in the long run, so long as they are positive value offers.


Where to Find Risk-Free Casino Offers

Many of you will be wondering where you can find all casino offers in one place.

And the experienced matched bettors will already know.

OddsMonkey is the site I use that provides me with all the risk-free and low-risk casino offers.

With an updated list daily it ensures you have plenty of offers to complete.

You can try out OddsMonkey for free via this link.

Or, if you want to find out more you can read about them in my OddsMonkey review.



The Risks of Matched Betting

Last updated July 27th, 2017 in Matched Betting
The Risks of Matched Betting

OK, I get it.

You are presented with an opportunity to earn thousands of pounds and change your life, all from the comfort of your own home.

Who wouldn’t be suspicious of such an offer?

It’s for good reason that you are.

The history of the internet has been littered with scams and money making opportunities.

Many of which turned out to be money losing opportunities.

Then matched betting comes along and is presented as an amazing risk-free money earner and eyebrows are raised.

Some people naturally switch off and miss out on the available riches.

So I’m going to explain the actual risks of matched betting and how to overcome them.


What Are The Matched Betting Risks?

Really, the statement that matched betting is risk-free is completely true.

There aren’t any risks to your money.

Well, unless you make a mistake yourself.

The only risk applies to the longevity of matched betting and how much money you can earn in the long run.

You see, the bookmakers aren’t really dancing for joy about matched betting.

Why would they?

You’re not pumping their pockets full of cash in a reckless way.

So they take it upon themselves to cull the matched bettors they detect.

This process has become known in the matched betting community as being ‘gubbed’.


What Does Gubbed Mean?

The word gubbed is a piece of matched betting jargon.

But in essence, it means that the bookmaker has made you ineligible to take part in promotions.

You will typically receive this news within an email of doom.

These emails are dreaded by matched bettors.

If you see an email from one of your bookies that starts with: “Unfortunately…” then it’s usually time to start looking for alternative options.

Often you will have been gubbed because the bookmaker in questions has flagged your account as unprofitable.

Oh, what’s that? Didn’t you get the memo?

You’re not allowed to have a profitable bookmaker account.

Even more reason to join the matched betting army and take them for every penny you can.

But you must be clever about it.


How To Avoid Being Gubbed

To understand how to avoid receiving the email of doom, we must first understand how bookmakers detect matched bettors.

Attached to each of your accounts, there is a rating system running in the background.

Each bookmaker has a complex algorithm that is monitoring and judging each of your bets.

You are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

A 1 rating means you are awful at betting and the bookmaker loves you, and a 5 means you are great and should expect to be given the boot.

For the average gambler, it is solely how good they are at betting that will alter their score.

So sensible staking, discipline, and a good win rate will soon have them flagged and banned.

For a matched bettor though, it is likely to be your reliance on only betting on promotions which make you stand out.

Plus, if you only bet on great prices, which are close to or even better than the lay price of an exchange, alarms will start ringing.

That will have you flagged up quicker than a Lamborghini Aventador.

It’s for this reason that you must try to put your best camouflage gear on and blend in.

Adopt the appearance of a bookmakers favourite customer.

And who do bookmakers love the most?

Mug punters.

What are mug punters?

Well, they are punters who typically bet on accumulators.

Short priced favourites.

They always bet on their favourite sports team.

And they’re wildly inconsistent.

We’ll tell you more about what you can do to keep your accounts in good health shortly…


Other Risks

There really is just one other risk when it comes to matched betting.

It’s not with the process or matched betting itself. The risk is you.

And to be honest, it’s not too much of a risk if you follow the steps correctly and carefully.

So this risk can be totally avoided.

You just need to get into the habit of checking, and double checking each of your matched bets.

Yes, even when you’re a matched betting expert.

In fact, you probably have to be even more careful, because you’re starting to do matched betting with the big bucks!


Mug Betting Tips

Now you’re a clued up and smart matched bettor, you may have to swallow your pride for a second.

Because you’re going to have to imitate the money losing practices of a mug punter to keep your accounts in good health.

Before you started matched betting, you may have even been a mug punter yourself.

It’s a journey that many people take, and one that not many people want to buy a return ticket for.

However, you can still retain your superiority.

Because you will lay most of your mug bets on an exchange.

These mug bets will be easy to find using Oddsmonkey – if you aren’t using it yet, what are you waiting for?! Sign up for their free trial here.

Just see it as being on a covert mission behind enemy lines where you’re trying to blend in.

With that said, here are our best tactics for remaining undetected.


Day One Mug Punting

I understand…

You open a new account, you want to get in, take the loot and then leave until the next offer arrives.

However, these early days while the bookmaker is building up a profile of you are the most important.

Should they detect you during this period then they will say goodnight to you, forever.

Yes, your first action must be to take advantage of the welcome offer due to the terms and conditions.

But try not to take odds that are too good if you want to stay undetected.

Once you’ve completed the signup offer, don’t just disappear either.

You need to build your profile and place some mug bets.

Remember, these are bets such as favourites at low prices.

If you then lay these on an exchange then the loss will be minimal.

I recommend around 3 mug bets per offer completed.

Once you’ve done this, you can focus on reload offers.


Bet On Your Favourite Team

Nothing shouts “I am a mug punter that bets with my heart and not my head” more than betting on your own team.

If each and every week you bet on the same team, then the bookmaker will soon think that you support that team.

And betting in such an emotional and reckless way isn’t clever.

And matched bettors are clever.

So you’re clearly not a matched bettor if you do that, are you? 😉

Each and every week that your team plays, back them on the account you want to maintain and lay the bet off with an exchange.

This looks especially ‘muggy’ if your team is short priced and low on value each week.

Oh, and bonus points if you place your mug bets via mobile. This further adds to the illusion!



Ah, the practice that is immortalised by the likes of lad bible.

Groups of friends sat around on a Saturday afternoon in front of Soccer Saturday, experiencing the highs and lows of betting on accumulators.

We all know the situation here.

One leg ALWAYS lets you down.

When an accumulator does actually come in for you, it’s better than Christmas day.

And the bookmakers love this.

Accumulators as the biggest revenue generator for their sportsbooks.

Especially when they’re made up of short priced favourites.

So here is what to do.

Every Saturday, put on a 5 to 15 leg accumulator.

You only need to bet a few pounds each week and don’t even need to bother going to the effort of laying them off.

If you’re struggling for which team to back, look at the bookmakers ‘most popular’ tab.

Mug punters all tend to back the same teams.

If they don’t have one, then scan twitter and see which teams most punters are backing.

You can have it all.

You can still enjoy Soccer Saturday with your friends, you can experience the highs and mainly lows of accumulators.

But, you can sit there safe in the knowledge that you’re working towards a greater purpose.


Casino Betting

Casinos are notorious drains on your betting balance.

There are no bad days for bookmakers in casino land, they are guaranteed to make money.

It’s not like a sportsbook that can take a beating if results go against them.

As a result, bookmakers absolutely love you to play in the casino.

By playing slots or card games, your mug punter rating with go crazy.

It’s not something you need to do every week, but spending £10 every so often will look great.

That totally isn’t something a matched bettor would do – and is exactly why you should.

Remember, the returns on some slots are between 80% & 95%.

So if you place £10, you should have a return on average of between £8 & £9.50.


Avoid Taking Value

The bookmakers don’t always get their prices right.

Their sportsbook products are so huge that every day there are prices which are out of line with others in the industry and the exchanges.

These are easy to spot with price comparison tools.

The very tools which are used by most matched bettors.

So when you are continually taking the great prices that are on offer, the game is up.

The next time you see a horse that is being offered at 3.5, but the exchange lay price is 2.5, think twice.

There is a very good chance it could be the last bet you make with them.

How to do Matched Betting Full Time

Last updated July 27th, 2017 in Matched Betting
Earn a living matched betting

Matched betting has become a popular choice for thousands.

People often start matched betting to earn a few extra pounds.

They are looking to supplement their income and make life a little bit more enjoyable.

But then the money starts rolling in.

Cars, holidays, houses, and a tonne of other ‘extras’ begin to enrich their lives.

Quite often, matched bettors are earning a better hourly wage with matched betting than in their full-time job!

So, it’s only natural that the inevitable thought emerges:

“I wonder if I can do matched betting full time?”

You won’t be surprised to hear that it is actually a well-trodden path.

Lots of people have made the leap from employment, to being their own boss from the comfort of their own home.

All thanks to matched betting.

But, I would like to make sure you don’t jump into this until you are fully ready.

If you have reached the stage where you’re considering this as an option, you must look at both sides of the coin.

Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s not for me to tell you whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea.

Ultimately that decision is yours.

So the aim of this article is to provide you with lots of points to think about.

Things to consider to help you make the right decision.


What Is Your Current Experience?

As with anything in life, it’s important to build as big a picture as possible if you want to make an informed decision about something.

A decision without all the facts?

Often, it’s just a shot in the dark.

That is why it’s important to consider your level of experience with matched betting before jumping in head first and making this a full-time endeavour.

So ask yourself, which level are you at?

If are working your way through the new account offers, and understand the basics, then it’s important to question what to do after the low hanging fruit has been picked.

Because they do run out, and that is when the hard work starts.

Be dedicated to matched betting

You need a deeper level of understanding in matched betting to make the offers and techniques work in your favour.

Firstly, you have your existing customer offers which can become a little bit more complicated.

Existing customer offers are specific promotions offered by each bookmaker.

Usually, these differ from each other, and the standard welcome offers.

So they require a different approach.

These can be offers like the 2nd place refunds in Horse Racing and bore draw money back specials in Football.

You will also encounter lots of different casino offers.

Casino’s throw HUGE sums at you to play with them.

But the thing is, these don’t offer the guaranteed cash returns you’re used to.

Casino offers are all about increasing your chances of winning, not guaranteeing them.

The idea of a casino offer is that by increasing the probability of you winning, you will be in profit in the long run.

However, you obviously need a big bank to be able to do the casino offers and a lot of the other more advanced offers.

Not only do some of the advanced offers take up a lot of cash while you’re doing them.

But, some offers that don’t have a guaranteed return mean you have to be able to absorb some losses.

Not all casino offers are risky, there are some risk-free, low risk and some loopholes that can help earn profits.

That is until the odds work in your favour to put you into profit.

So with that in mind, you need to have a bankroll of at least £5,000 to get started.

And that is the absolute minimum.

The more you can start with, the better your chances of long term success.

Not at that level yet?

Then don’t worry.

You can continue to matched bet at a slower pace and slowly build up your bank.


How Many Hours Will You Need To Work?

There is a lot to be said for unshackling yourself from the constraints of supposed 9 to 5s.

We all know that those job things aren’t just 8 hours per day either, once you factor in unpaid overtime and 2 hours of travelling time, that is a lot of your day eaten up.

If you join the ranks of the full time matched bettors, you should expect to run your operation like a business.

I estimate that around 3 hours per day is needed once you have your processes streamlined.

But things could take a little bit more time in the short term.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of waking up, putting in 3 hours work and spending the day down the beach.

Typically, you will want to plan your day in the mornings when you wake up and check your matched betting opportunities for the day.

Your afternoons will consist of Horse Racing refunds and free bets, as well as offers in sports such as Tennis.

And during the evening, you will typically find that Football dominates certain evenings of your week.

And then you have the weekends.

Weekend matched betting is the key to doing this full time, as this is when the majority of Football is played.

The time spent matched betting may also increase to 5 hours during the weekend due to the number of offers available.

Finally, you must then find time during your week to keep records and keep your accounts in order – both banking and betting.

I recommend keeping records whilst you bet or in the evening, it doesn’t take long and then you know you have everything tracked.

So yes, there’s a good chance you’ll be working fewer hours than your full-time job.

But you’ll need to be available to work over a wider period of time.

At least you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and you can work in your underwear if you feel like it!


What Salary Should You Expect?

Full Time Living From Matched Betting

Before you start, it’s imperative you get clear on what your salary expectations are, and what you need to survive.

As mentioned before, you must treat this like a business – not jump into it on a whim.

So calculate your expenses each month, and how much you need to live on.

Because if you fail to make that amount, and you’re dipping into your base matched betting bank – you’ll soon go out of business.

I estimate through my own experience, and the experience of others, that you can earn between £1500 & £2000 tax-free per month with matched betting.

But this is obviously dependent on the amount of work you put in and having a bit of luck along the way.

Now you should expect to see some months that are higher, and some that are lower.

So if you have a £3,000 month, don’t get too excited because you need the extra to soften the blow of a £1,000 month.

However, remember that matched betting is completely tax-free.

So £24,000 worth of earnings over a year is £30,000 in a normal job.

Not bad eh?


Prepare To Be Dedicated

If you have never worked from home before, you will have to brace yourself for one of the biggest challenges of your life.

The prospect of an angry boss jumping on your back every day is probably a reason why matched betting from home seems attractive.

But, that angry boss’s face appearing in your mind’s eye is what stops you from hitting the snooze button every morning.

When you’re matched betting from home, you need to be your own angry boss.

Your dedication and your discipline to this will have a direct impact on your monthly profits.

The freedom of working from home and on your own terms is an amazing thing.

Empty gyms while everyone is at work, working outside on a nice summers day or getting to spend more time with loved ones.

You can create an incredible lifestyle for yourself.

But you must do the work, or that freedom will evaporate and you’ll soon be looking for a new job.

When that new copy of FIFA is released?

Matched betting comes first.

When your friends are asking you to go out on the town.

But there’s a full Premier League schedule the next day?

Matched betting comes first.

So create a plan, and stick to it.

Your bank balance will thank you for it!

Healthy Accounts = Healthy Bank Balance.

As a professional matched bettor, you are only as strong as the accounts you have open.

If you lose your accounts, you will be like a fisherman trying to fish in a desert.

Once your accounts go, your choices may be limited.

Which is why it’s very, very important to keep your accounts in good health.

There aren’t many risks when it comes to matched betting, just a lot of tricks to keep your accounts active.


What does it mean to keep your accounts healthy?

Well, obviously matched betting isn’t the most favourite thing in the world for bookmakers.

If you are seen to be simply hoovering up all of the value and bringing nothing to the party then they will soon show you the door.

Or ‘gub’ your account as it is commonly known.

If you only bet on markets that present offers for matched betting, then it’s bad news.

You may as well walk into the bookmakers head office with a placard saying ‘I am a matched bettor’.

So like a thief in the night, you must show some cunning.

Avoid detection by their systems, and place what are known as ‘mug bets’.


What is a mug bet?

A mug bet is where you place ordinary bets that make you look like an ordinary punter.

Especially with new accounts.

This will help build up your rating.

It is advised that for every offer you do, you should do three mug bets.

Mug betting is a huge subject of its own, so if you want to learn more you can read this article.


Best Technology Set-Up

Until now, you may have just been getting by doing matched betting with your laptop, or even your mobile.

By all means, you can get by on still doing this.

But the following set-up will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Up to date PC

Firstly, you must need a reasonably fast desktop PC or laptop.

When you’re matched betting it is common for you to have multiple tabs and applications open at the same time.

There is nothing worse than trying to place a bet in a volatile market and losing the price you had based your calculations on because your PC has frozen.


Dual screen set-up

It is also advisable that you have multiple screens available for dual screen browsing.

This is one of the best investments you can make and will shave so much time from your processes.

Matched betting with two monitors is like a dream when you can have an exchange and bookmaker open at the same time.


Using the right software

Finding the right service will make sure you get daily updated reload offers.

Without having to spend hours on end searching for them.

This will save you LOADS of time.

And, you can focus on making more profit.

If you are already at the stage of considering matched betting full time, then you are probably already a member of OddsMonkey.

However, if you’re not then you probably should be.

You can try out their software for free here.

You can make use of their tools and calculators which will make your life even easier when matched betting full time.

The benefit with OddsMonkey is that when they add a new service it is still included within their low monthly cost.


Suitable mobile

There will be times where you just cannot be at your PC.

Or, god forbid, your PC crashes at a crucial moment.

It is in times like these that a backup phone is critical.

Obviously, you need to make sure that your username and password is stored on your mobile for quick access.

Plus, you get bonus points because bets placed from a mobile make you look more like a ‘mug’ punter.


Living life off the grid

Shunning the norms of society, and living life on your own terms really appeals to some people.

The chances are that if you’re considering matched betting as a full-time occupation, you’re part of the rebel club.

While the pros are plentiful, living life in this way isn’t without its drawbacks.

This article wouldn’t be complete if we failed to make you aware of them.

The main thing to consider is that you don’t pay tax on your earnings.

This has implications when it comes to trying to acquire finance against your earnings on things like a mortgage.

Plus, there is a certain stigma that will come with your new career choice.

Obviously, we all know that matched betting is completely legit, and a great way to make money.

But not everyone understands it, and when you state “matched betting” as your job, people will selectively hear “betting”.

Now, this may not bother you in a social setting, but it’s worth considering the possible implications this could have in other areas of your life.

Be prepared to explain the 2 years you spent “matched betting” if you try to get a job in the future.

Perhaps you could reframe those two years as being a “freelance trader.”


The Complete Guide To Matched Betting

Last updated July 27th, 2017 in Matched Betting
Matched Betting Guide

This definitive guide to matched betting will take you from “WTF is matched betting?!” right through to learning the whole no-risk betting process.

Don’t panic if you’ve never placed a bet before, or even if you don’t like sport, as it’s quite easy to learn.

It shouldn’t take you long to grasp the concept of matched betting, thanks to this simple but detailed matched betting guide.

Once you’ve learnt the basics, you’ll have the opportunity to earn regular, risk-free profits.


What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a technique bettors use to make guaranteed, risk-free profit from bookmakers free bets and other offers.


Bookmakers are always trying to attract new customers.

The main way they do this is by offering large bonuses to try and tempt you into depositing for the first time, in the hope that you will continue to bet with them in the future.

A way to exploit these offers is to use a betting exchange or a different bookmaker to bet against the bet you’ve originally placed, and this is the process we call matched betting.

Trust me, it’s a lot more simple than it sounds!

I’ve explained the full (and simple) process later in this guide.


Is matched betting legal?

Of course, this is going to be a question many ask, I even asked it myself before I started matched betting…

It sounds too good to be true, making tax-free profits with no questions asked.


Matched betting is 100% legal.

Providing you are of legal gambling age, and betting in your own name, of course.

Bookmakers combat this by restricting those that are obviously matched bettors.

I will be providing tips later in this post to ensure your account doesn’t show suspicious betting patterns to bookmakers.


How does matched betting work?

Matched betting works by eliminating all risk.

By ensuring all outcomes are covered in a sporting event, we guarantee receiving a free bet without having to risk the money that the initial bet should cost, this is known as the qualifying bet.

The qualifying bet will not make us our profit directly, but it will enable us to make our profit on the next step.

It doesn’t actually matter what the outcome of the race or match is – unless it’s the team you support of course!

Let’s discuss this further…


The ‘back’ bet

This is the term used for any bet placed at the bookmaker.

Many of you reading this would have placed a ‘back’ bet before.

Backing a bet means you are betting on something particular to win, for example betting £10 on Arsenal or £2 on a horse in the Grand National.

In the scenario of your football bet above, if Arsenal were to lose or draw, you would traditionally lose your stake…

But not with matched betting.

This is where a ‘lay’ bet comes into play:


The ‘lay’ bet

‘Laying’ a bet means betting against a particular outcome.

Betting exchanges, like Betfair, make this possible.

So, using the example above, we would ‘lay’ Arsenal which means if they do lose or draw, you’ve covered those outcomes too.

Basically, you’re saying Arsenal will not win this match.

By placing both a back and a lay bet, you now have all three possible outcomes for Arsenal’s result covered.

To ensure we’re placing the right amount of money on our lay bet, we use a matched betting calculator.

These calculators are extremely straightforward to use and make things incredibly easy for us to make money.

Make sense?

Matched betting works by ‘backing’ a bet as well as ‘laying’ a bet.

This will be true for 99%+ of the bets you place in your matched betting career.

This cancels out any risk that would usually be there in typical sports betting and gambling.

In simple terms, you are ‘matching’ your bet.

Because these two bets cancel each other out, it means that you won’t make any profit from these qualifying bets, but instead, you’d be breaking even.

To be even more accurate, you’ll typically lose a very small amount; a few pence due to the commission from the betting exchanges.

The reasons behind it are simple.

You are not aiming to make a profit from your qualifying bets.

The whole point of the qualifying bet is to ensure you qualify for a free bet. Hence the name.

Many bookmakers have sign-up offers in which they will give you a free bet.

For example, if you sign-up, deposit and bet £10 they will give you a free bet worth £10 (and quite often more).

The free bet is where you earn your profit.

So whilst you may incur a very small loss on the qualifying bet, you will make a substantial profit from the free bet – typically up to 80% of the free bet’s value.


The free bet

Once you have qualified for your free bet, it’s time to start making profit.

To ensure you make a profit from this free bet you will still have to ‘lay’ your bet, just like we did in the previous step.

By using a matched betting calculator – but this time changing the calculator’s setting from a ‘qualifying bet’ to a ‘free bet’ – you can easily see how much you need to lay and how much profit you will earn.

You will usually make around 80% of the value of your free bet in risk-free profit (so £8 from a £10 free bet, £40 from a £50 free bet).

So if we were using a £10 free bet, our overall profit would be around £8 – not forgetting the very small loss we incurred on the qualifying bet, so our total profit would likely be somewhere around £7.90.

Obviously the values of free bets differ but generally for new customers they will be worth more than £10 – usually at least £20 or £30 typically.

Considering each bet would have taken approximately 10-15 minutes when you’re learning, it’s not a bad profit.

When you are placing multiple bets daily, your profit soon adds up and it becomes much quicker for you to place your bets – typically just 1-2 minutes.

When I first started matched betting, I was making a couple of hundred pounds a month.

This rose to around £500 per month and then all the way up to my current record of over £2500 profit in a single month.

I probably should have earned more profit at the start but I only started with £70-£80 (I recommend you start with at least £120) and didn’t put much time into it at all, so I was still happy with the profits I was making at that time.

Since then, I have put more time in and the profits increased dramatically as a result.


How much money can I make with matched betting?

How much can you make matched betting?

This is a very common question asked.

Matched betting for beginners can be extremely profitable from the sign-up offers, earning up to £1200 from these 40-50 bookmakers alone.

As soon as people understand the simple process of matched betting and how much money can be made, it becomes extremely appealing – and rightfully so.

But once the sign-up offers are complete, how much can you continually earn?

Well, the amount of money that can be earned from no-risk match betting is dependant on a few factors…


The amount of money you invest at the start

The amount of money people can invest will differ between each person.

As previously mentioned, I suggest investing £120 minimum to start matched betting.

This is because I started with slightly less and I did find that I was spending a bit too much time waiting around for money to return to my bank.

With your initial ‘bankroll’, you will place a bet on one bookmaker and then lay it off with a betting exchange.

Some people may be able to complete two or more sign-up offers instantly if they can invest more money to start with.

The first offer completed should turn your £120 into £140 or even more.

The bets themselves will only take around ten minutes but you may have to wait a day or two for the match to take place (depending on the day that you’re betting).

After this, you will move onto the next sign-up offer.

Eventually, you will have earned enough money to complete multiple bookmaker sign-up offers at any one time.

The more offers you do, the more profit you make.

I can invest more, should I?

Yes, of course!

If you can invest more than we recommend you do so…but be sensible.

If you can begin with around £300-£400, you can easily earn more.

You will probably be looking at earning around £1000 profit for the first month, depending on how many bookmakers you’re already signed up to.


Life after sign-up offers – reload offers

You might be wondering how to do matched betting after sign-up offers.

Is sign-up offers all there is to it?

Absolutely not!

Let me explain…

Matched bettors move on to ‘reload’ offers.

What are reload offers?

They are the offers that come to any existing customers.

Sign-up offers are generally considered the ‘easiest’ money makers, that’s why it’s good to use them to build a bankroll straight away.

If you are already signed up to a lot of bookmakers, you can still make easy profit thanks to reloads.

Rest assured, you probably are not signed up to all of the bookmakers already, there are some I’ve never even heard of.

People who already bet will probably be signed up to around five or ten bookmakers tops, well there are actually a lot more to take advantage of.

I’m signed up to around 50-60, but there are even more than this.

You can still make up to £1000 just from the sign-up offers, even if you are existing customers of some bookmakers.

But for the bookmakers you are already signed up to, you can still make profit with the use of reload offers.

Actually, it can be a good thing that you already have accounts with numerous bookmakers.

The betting history you’ve already created will work in favour for you.

You will show up as a typical ‘mug’ bettor. This is a good thing, trust me:

Your account will not show any suspicious betting patterns, meaning you can take advantage of the reload offers more freely.

You will still need to be cautious in making sure you don’t get ‘gubbed’, which is when bookmakers remove your account’s ability to receive promotional offers.

How do you find these reload offers?

Well, I use Oddsmonkey, who post all of the daily offers with step-by-step instructions for how to complete each one.



Honestly, you don’t have to put much time and effort into matched betting to make a profit.

But, it goes without saying…

The more time and effort you put in, the better the rewards.

Thirty minutes a day could easily earn you £500 profit per month.

Stretch a little further to one hour or a few hours a day and should be earning big money.

There are even people doing matched betting full time.

It is easily achievable to earn a £1000+ profit every month if you put in an hour a day, once you’ve got a few weeks of experience under your belt.


The best-matched betting site

As I just said, I am a member of Oddsmonkey which is the site I use every day for my matched betting needs.

In fact, there’s probably not a matched bettor out there that isn’t signed up to a matched betting site, because they just make the entire process so easy.

What do matched betting sites do?

Matched betting sites are there to help.

Joining a matched betting service can save you time, effort and make you more efficient in making a profit.

Matched betting services provide a variety of tutorials and videos to guide you through the process of matched betting, showing you exactly how to complete sign-up offers and reload offers.

Whilst some offers appear complicated, the guides tend to make things extremely straightforward.

Thanks to the forum threads for every single offer around, if you ever get confused or stuck, there will always be a member of staff, moderator or another forum member willing to help.

Not only do they provide all of the daily offers, but they actually have the tools and calculators needed to be an effective matched bettor from beginner right through to expert level.

The tools they offer can help you to find specific matches or races in which refunds or free bets are available.

The calculators are perfect for finding the best odds for a specific sporting event, guaranteeing you the best profit for that match or race.

There are many matched betting sites to choose from…

OddsMonkey are my personal choice because, for me, they provide the best tools at the best price.

Have a read of my full OddsMonkey review here.

They also offer a free trial which I suggest you take advantage of, especially as you don’t have to put your credit card details in.

You can sign up for a free account via this link.

By using a good service, it can help to maximise your profits – even up to £2000+ a month.

Obviously, you need to put the time in too.


Matched betting tips for beginners

matched betting beginner tips

For beginners, matched betting can be a bit daunting.

I know it all seemed a bit complicated and scary when I started!

That’s why I’m going to give you all of the beginner matched betting tips that I picked up along the way.


Tracking bets

When I first started I was unsure on the best way to track all of my bets…

I recommend you track all bets through a spreadsheet, preferably on Google Sheets so you can access your documents anywhere through the cloud – and it’s free.

Spreadsheets are the best way to track your bets as they can calculate your total profits, monitor where your money is and also can remind you of what free bets you are waiting for…

Meaning you will not forget about anything you have bet on or lose a free bet due to it expiring.

Can you use pen and paper?

You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It is more time consuming – you will have to work out your own calculations etc. – I learned this the hard way.

The most efficient way would be to use a spreadsheet, giving you more time to focus on placing bets and making more money.


Build a bankroll

The bigger the bankroll you have, the more profit you can earn.

This is because you can complete multiple offers at the same time and increase your stakes for certain promotions.

It is important to keep re-investing your money, to keep earning decent profits.

Try not to spend any of your bankroll on anything but matched betting until you have built it to a significant level.

I know how tempting it is to spend it, but you will thank me later when you realise how important it is to keep building and reinvesting your profits!

Some sites recommend you build a bankroll of around £5000.

I would recommend getting to at least £2500 before you start dipping into it – but never let it get below that level!


Use a separate bank account

This is something I wish I was told sooner…

Using a separate bank account makes life a lot easier.

However, you do not need to set up a new bank account, you can use your current account if you wish.

The reason behind setting up a new account is that you won’t have to worry about everyday spending and direct debits going out of your matched betting bank account.

Meaning you will only be depositing on to bookmakers sites and withdrawing into this account, enabling you to build a bankroll without the fear of bills going out.

It also allows for you to see in figures how much you are earning, seeing the actual figures make it a reality to how successful you are at matched betting.

Also, should you apply for a mortgage or loan in the future, having a separate bank account specifically for matched betting may prove to be beneficial.

Matched betting in itself won’t affect you, but having many deposits to gambling sites may do – if on your main account.

You will have no issue in completing the first few offers using your normal account until you get used to it.


Use Skrill or PayPal

Skrill is a business that allows payments and money transfers to be made via the internet.

It is about making quick, simple and secure global payments.

In matched betting terms, if you withdraw from a bookmaker into a Skrill account it proves to be much faster.

Rather than waiting 3-5 working days when you withdraw into a bank account, it only takes around a few hours when withdrawing into Skrill.

PayPal is another alternative to this that you can consider.


Creating a new email address

Another tip for beginner matched bettors is to create a new email address.

Again, this is not a ‘must’.

Receiving emails to one specific email address can help to identify offers exclusive to you.

If you use your normal email address, it might get bombarded with offers and promotions – which whilst profitable, it can get annoying!

I prefer receiving them to a separate email address so I know they are all in one place without having to filter through my usual emails.

It can also prove to be time effective, especially when you just want to get on with completing offers.


Always place your bookmaker bet first

To avoid risk, it is important to place your ‘back’ bet first.

Placing the bet with the bookmaker first ensures you have secured the odds on offer.

For example, if you were to place your ‘lay’ bet first and the bookmaker slash their odds it could become a sticky situation where you would lose more money than initially anticipated.


Avoid horse racing

As a beginner to matched betting, it might be best to avoid mid-week horse racing.

The odds in horse racing can move fast when close to the start time, and if you’re not an experienced matched bettor you may get flustered.

However, the main reason to avoid midweek horse racing is that you are more likely to be ‘gubbed’.

The reason being is that bookmakers seem to be more ‘hot’ on people betting on the horses.

This is because it’s highly likely for people to beat the sport of horse racing, and they don’t like winners.

Using free bets on horses is also a massive telltale sign that you’re a matched bettor.


The most profitable bets

You may be wondering what the most effective money making bets are.

Accumulator and each-way bets can be the most consistently profitable, but these bets are for the more experienced matched bettors.

Also, they’re for those who have a decent bankroll.

You can learn exactly how to complete an matched accumulator or each-way bet on Oddsmonkey (free trial here), whilst making a decent profit and building a bankroll.

You can easily bring in £1000-a-month in profit via accumulators alone if you average 3 or 4 a day.

But as a newbie, these are things to look forward to!

My Review of OddsMonkey (Updated for 2019!)

Last updated January 21st, 2019 in How I Make Money/ Matched Betting
Odds Monkey welcome page

This is my Odds Monkey review – now updated (in serious detail!) for 2019!

It should hopefully cover every aspect of the company, their site and their tools.

I’m a member of their premium service, and I pay monthly.

OddsMonkey provides matched betting training and assistance, boasting years of experience in the industry.

Originally, they provided other matched betting sites with their revolutionary oddsmatching software (which tracks the odds on bookmakers and betting exchanges). They then moved on to offer their own full matched betting service in April 2016.

I decided to take the plunge and join their site almost as soon as the new service launched, taking advantage of their free trial and then subsequently their 30 day money back guarantee.

I opted for this site as it is cheaper than its main competitor and it seemed to offer more for the money too.

But how has my experience been so far?

Well, we’ll get to that…


What OddsMonkey Does

OddsMonkey provides you with all tools you need to be a successful matched bettor.

All of these tools are included in their subscription, with no extra cost – even when they release new ones!

So how much does the service cost?

Premium membership will set you back just £17.99 per month or £150 per year.

I would recommend taking advantage of their 30 day free trial, which is available via this link, this way you get a taste of what they offer and how good their service is without actually having to give them any money.

Even once you become a paying member, they will give you your money back if you notify them within the first 30 days – win, win!

For a girl like me who has never done any kind of betting before, matched betting seemed a bit (ok, massively!) confusing at the start.

However, I got the hang of it after watching their videos and tutorials. These are SO useful; I would say that anyone could learn matched betting from them.

The weekends seem to be prime time for money making as there is plenty to bet on – especially horse racing and football matches!

On their site, it says you can make up to £45 in the free trial.

I’m not sure if I did it slightly differently, but I made £28.90 from my first two bets.

Still, I was happy with the profit nonetheless.

I used my £28.90 to join so it was at no extra cost to me and I still had change leftover to keep reinvesting!

Oddsmonkey oddsmatching tools

The oddsmatcher software helps newbies find bets quickly and easily

Click here to sign up to Oddsmonkey’s free trial.
You’ll never be charged if you don’t upgrade (but you should upgrade to earn thousands!).


OddsMonkey’s Services

OddsMonkey truly go above and beyond with the service they provide.

They care about their customers and offer all the help they can to make sure you feel comfortable in matched betting and that you’re making the most of their tools.

In turn, this makes sure you are maximising your profits.


Training & Tutorials

oddsmonkey basic training

The training guides are simple and easy to follow. They’re laid out in a way that makes it feel like you’re progressing.

As I mentioned previously, the company has developed videos and tutorials to help newbies learn everything they need to know.

The videos and written guides will take you step-by-step through the matched betting process and will guide you into completing your first offer.

They will continually help you complete offers, from the easiest ones to the more complex.

The videos and tutorials show you exactly how to make a profit from each offer, no matter how complicated they appear to be at the start.

You can literally follow the guides step-by-step to complete each offer and you hardly need to put any thought in yourself – just be willing to read and concentrate on getting it right.


Customer Service

Their customer support team are always happy to help, whether you are stuck on an offer or have a few questions about membership. Nothing is too big or small for them.

You can choose to email them for support, or you can even book a 30-minute phone call to get 1-to-1 help.

I booked a 30-minute phone call as I was getting a little confused with a more complex sign-up offer, and Russell at OddsMonkey made sure I was fully prepared and capable of completing the offer.

So, not only do they have tutorials and guides, they have a helpful email team and offer a call service for a more personal touch.

They also have a range of staff members that monitor and assist on the forum.

Recently OddsMonkey have introduced Live Chat support for new customers too. So when you first sign up you have someone on hand if you need immediate answers to questions. I have recommended a lot of my friends to OddsMonkey now and a few have commented how much more laid back they felt knowing that there was someone online to help if they needed it.


Oddsmonkey’s Forum

OddsMonkey have a matched betting forum, full of daily and weekly offers for all to take advantage of and discuss.

Within the forum are a huge range of moderators, staff and community members who are all helpful and have useful tips. I’ve noticed that some of the more helpful members have even become employed by the company.

Everybody within this forum has the same motive – to make money!

Therefore, there is lots of information about bets, offers and competitions to get involved in.

Whilst the main focus of this forum is talk about making money and different offers to get involved with, there is also a great social aspect to the community.

However, if you prefer to just hear about the latest offers without the jokes and general chit-chat, then there is a filter in which you can quickly find the bets and offers.

I personally enjoy the monthly competitions that are run – a shot at winning real cash prizes every month (for nothing!) appeals to me.

The nice thing about these forums is that they are not overcrowded, there is no spam and they are just straight to the point. The members seem to be happy to share tips too.


OddsMonkey’s Tools Reviewed

All of the tools are included in your premium Oddsmonkey membership.

Even when they release a new product it will still be included in your monthly fee of £17.99.

A lot of their products have been suggested by forum members – you want it, they make it!

Let’s take a look at everything they offer in detail:



This tool (pictured a little further up) is very handy! Especially for somebody like me that doesn’t know which matches or races to bet on.

I completely rely on this tool.

The matched betting oddsmatcher will search for the best odds for completing an offer on any sporting event.

It will allow you to complete every basic offer by finding you the bets you need to place.

My friends always ask me how I know what I’m betting on when I don’t even like sport very much – I don’t need to know! The oddsmatcher is my best friend.

It’s so accurate in giving you real-time data from online bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Another thing I like about the oddsmatcher is that it lets you filter the results into specific bookmakers, market or sports.

This tool is what got OddsMonkey started over five years ago, this is the original Oddsmonkey product, so needless to say they know how to make a good one.

The latest updates to the Oddsmatcher have made matched betting even easier with the introduction of integrated lay bets. Lay betting is one thing people can find difficult to get their heads around (it’s easy once you do) so now that you can place your lay bets without even leaving OddsMonkey makes the whole process so much easier.

Acca Matcher

Acca Finder Acca Matcher

Acca Matcher is split into two separate tools – Acca Finder and Acca Builder.

Both tools will allow you to make consistent profits from accumulator bets.

These aren’t for newbies and they seem very complicated at first, but it only took me two or three attempts before I’d mastered it.

What’s the difference between the two?

Acca Finder is a tool that allows you to choose from pre-built accumulators.

This saves you time, allowing you to maximise profit from accumulators that have already been tried and tested.

This is the newer product of the two, and it’s safe to say that it’s the more popular choice too – it was built by popular demand.

On the other hand, Acca Builder is designed to let you build and edit your own accumulators.

Be aware – there is a chance of making a mistake with AccaBuilder, you have to ensure to follow the acca insurance terms and conditions to prevent mistakes.

This tool can prove to be as effective as Acca Finder, just be sure to double check your accumulators.

Why would anyone use Acca Builder instead of Acca Finder?

Sure, Acca Finder is great!

Everybody finds it great because it does all the hard work for you. It is definitely the more efficient tool.


Matched bettors fear that bookmakers will notice suspicious betting patterns within their accounts – bookmakers have eagle eyes!

If a bookmaker spots these they can restrict the account, even stopping promotions for good. This is known as being ‘gubbed’.

If everybody starts placing bets on the same accumulators, which does happen with the more profitable accas on the more popular acca tools, it could possibly ring alarm bells for bookmakers.

I suggest that you use Acca Finder alongside using Acca Builder to help make your betting account look different from the crowd.


Each Way Matcher & Extra Place Matcher

Each Way Matcher and Extra Place Matcher

I’m going to be honest here, the each way tools are not for newbies. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the matched betting process before using this.

However, once you build up your bankroll a bit and then overcome the difficulty, these tools open up a whole world of increased profitability.

OddMonkey’s Eachway Matcher allows you to make a consistent profit on each-way bets.

This is via arbritrage opportunities in the ‘place’ market on Betfair. For those who don’t understand what this means, all we are doing is exploiting mispriced bookmaker odds. With arbitrage – or arbing – we can guarantee a profit instantly (but the bookmakers HATE arbs!).

The main reason this tool is used is when bookmakers offer extra places on a horse race, although OddsMonkey have now released the Extra Place Matcher, which is far more suitable for that purpose.

The Each Way Matcher is now best for taking arbs on gubbed accounts in order to squeeze additional profitability out of them.

The Extra Place Matcher has been designed to help maximise profits from extra place offers in horse racing and golf.

This tool really is impressive! My profits have risen greatly from this.

I personally like the feeling of now being able to see what profit I’ll make if my horse finishes in the extra place.

Previously, it was a little more difficult to calculate what your losses and profits would be – but not anymore!

The Extra Place Matcher also shows you all of the upcoming extra place events, giving you time to prepare.


Racing Matcher

Racing Matcher Catcher

The Racing Matcher gives you the opportunity to filter odds matches but only for races that have offers on. This is a much more streamlined process when compared to just using their Oddsmatcher.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up bonuses, you’ll start to get reload offers – this is where you use your existing accounts rather than creating new ones. You will find that you get a lot of reload offers for horse races.

The horse racing matcher was created to filter out the bookmakers that aren’t offering a promotion on each race, as well as filtering out any race that doesn’t have an offer on them.

Not only does it find you the races with refund offers, it helpfully states the maximum stake for each bonus.


Dutch Search

Dutching Oddsmatcher and Calculator

OddMonkey’s dutching calculator finds close matches and arbitrage opportunities between different bookmakers, meaning there is no need to use a betting exchange.

When you don’t need to use an exchange (like Betfair), but instead use two or more bookmakers (for a football match, you’d use three), this is known as dutching.

Dutching is also useful for tennis because sometimes the betting exchanges don’t have the same rules as the bookmakers if a player retires.

Dutching also helps to keep funds moving through bookmaker accounts more frequently, which can make you look like a more regular gambler – as long as you’re not betting on obscure games or taking too many arbs.


Tennis Matcher

The Tennis Matcher only runs when there is grand slam tournament on.

This is because the bulk of tennis offers come during these time periods.

The Tennis Matcher is essentially the same as the Racing Matcher, but for…well, you guessed it…tennis.

By easily filtering out the bookmakers and the odds for offers, it’s easy to make a profit during the grand slams.


How to Make the Most of OddsMonkey

Now you have read about the site’s services and tools, I will give you a few tips for how to make even more use of the site.

This tips could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds to you…


Risk Free Casino & Bingo Offers

There is so much potential with matched betting, but for those who like casino or bingo games, there is also a fun way to make extra cash!

Of course, OddsMonkey push matched betting offers on their site, but they also often post casino offers.

I take advantage of these because I find them fun! Casino offers tend to break my day up a bit.

It is important to note, there are many risk-free offers but there are also some low-risk offers. So if you’re not up for a little risk, it is best to stick to the risk-free ones.

Not only this, OddsMonkey offer an EV calculator. This allows you to work out if a casino offer is going to be profitable for you or not.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry!

They post the average profit (or EV – Expected Value) that you should expect to make for the majority of casino offers that they post on the site.


Reload Offers

As previously mentioned, reload offers are offers you complete once you’ve worked through the sign-up offers.

My tip would be to use the Daily Offer Calendar so you can easily see (and complete) all of the reload offers available on any day.

I visit the calendar every day and start working my way through the most profitable offers to get the easy money. Then if I have time I go for a few of the other offers to increase my daily profits even further.

Reload offers are essential for matched bettors to keep on earning money.

Don’t just assume once you have completed the sign-up offers that you’re not going to make much money.

In fact, I quickly learned that you can earn a lot more if you regularly complete the reload offers.


Take Any Profit You Can

At first, the thought of making £2 on a bet didn’t really appeal to me.

However, it’s these little bets that all add up – all of the £2 and £3 bets here and there quickly combine to a large total.

When I had a small bankroll, I found it was much more beneficial to ‘lock-in’ profits rather than hoping to hit a larger one. Again, if this sounds complicated then don’t worry – you’ll learn all about it.

Click here to sign up to Oddsmonkey’s free trial
You’ll never be charged if you don’t upgrade (but you should upgrade to earn thousands!).


How Much Money Have I Made?

I recommend creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all the bets you’ve placed, free bets due and profits made. This way you can stay on track and easily see the total profit made.

In my first month of matched betting, I made £347. I started with just £80.

The more offers I did, the easier it got. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on the forum if you need it.

In my second month, I was making an average of around £150 a week – still working through the sign-up offers. The general opinion on the forum is that you should make around £1,000 profit from the sign-ups.

There are some quiet periods, but these can change instantly.

I was having a quiet week but then it got a bit crazy with some nice offers on the FA cup final. I made a nice amount of money there!

The French Open was consistent for me, I made a steady £5 – £15 a day from that which over the course of a couple of weeks really adds up.

Moving on to my fourth month matched betting, Euro 2016 was on.

What a month that was!

July was a month that was incredible for offers and free bets. I found that when England played I was bombarded with offers! There was also a £50 free bet from Bet365, this earned me £35 profit each time.

Not forgetting that, Wimbledon was on! I made a good amount of money from that, the Tennis Matcher was a massive help in saving me time and making me profit.

I tallied up my progress from mid April to the end of July, and in just three and a half months I made over £2000 from my starting bankroll of £80.

Obviously, I thought this was awesome!

The best part was that it didn’t take me long to get a hang of this, let’s not forget I was not familiar with betting nor did I enjoy sports.

After seeing my total profit, and seeing that others on the forum were making even bigger amounts of profit – some claim to be making over £3,000-a-month, I decided to start taking things more seriously.

Since starting in April 2016 I have now made over £15,500 tax-free!

In 2017, I made over £2,500 in the month of Cheltenham and this level of earnings has been fairly consistent since then.

This is all through the use of OddsMonkey and their tools.

OddsMonkey have provided the services to allow people to make a living from matched betting.

Again, if you want to check out their free trial then you can do so here.

2019 update on earnings: I have now made over £25,000 from matched betting with Oddsmonkey. Needless to say, this is a life-changing amount of money.


Problems I Have Faced & My Tips For You

In the beginning, the main problems I faced were…

Using Just My Phone

I tried to get my head around a lot of it by just using my iPhone when I was on the train. It’s OK to just browse the forum but stick to a laptop/iPad/tablet when you’re actually placing the bets.

Nothing worse than losing signal on your phone!

Get Skrill and Paypal

Next, I would make sure you have an account with Skrill. Some sites don’t have Paypal and if you don’t get a Skrill account (it’s like Paypal) then you have to use your debit card.

This is fine (using your debit card) but sometimes it takes all week for the bookmakers to send you back the money when you withdraw it!

When you only have a small bankroll (which most people will when they start out) it can seem like an eternity when you’re waiting for a withdrawal.

Use Google Chrome or Firefox

I was using Internet Explorer on my laptop (which is a bit old now) and it kept crashing. I hadn’t really used it for much other than Facebook but now I know why people keep telling me to use Chrome.

Looking back, I can’t believe I was using IE for so long…I feel like such an idiot! Chrome is so much faster than IE!


My Final Honest Thoughts

For me, OddsMonkey is well deserving of the full 10 out of 10 rating that I have given them.

I honestly can’t praise them enough. Without them, I would never have made so much money.

I can see why many people describe them as the best-matched betting site.

The tools and services they offer are just incredible. I would never have thought that there’d be systems that would allow me to make money on sports…especially for £17.99…but, there are!

They offer all of the support and guidance you need.

I find that they are a great value for money, and there are no hidden costs.

I just really like the way they operate, everything seems so open, honest and friendly. I’ve heard rumours of things not being the same at some of the competition, although I can’t verify that.

My advice would be to sign-up to the free trial and see what you think. Remember you should make up to £45 profit in this free trial alone.

You don’t have to put any credit card information in or anything like that either – I absolutely hate it when you have to sign up for a free trial with a card and then cancel!

Please leave me a comment if you have any thoughts or questions on the service or on my Oddsmonkey review.

I would love to hear from you all!




Review of OddsMonkey premium membership.
OddsMonkey Premium Membership
Written by: Alexis
OddsMonkey is a great site, giving you all the tools and training you need to learn matched betting and make a second income.
10 / 10 stars
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