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Save Money This Easter – My 5 Top Tips

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Saving Money
gold lindt bunny easter eggs and red lidnt bunny

Post-Christmas, the supermarkets are starting to fill up with chocolate easter treats EVERYWHERE. Firstly it’s not great for your waistline and secondly, it’s even worse for your bank balance. You want to save money on Easter, not spend it. Unless you’re planning to buy Cadbury’s easter eggs, they’ll probably also taste like rubbish. So you’ll be wasting your hard earned money on crap chocolate. No-one should EVER have to waste money on crap chocolate, feel me?

I’ve decided this year, that I won’t be giving any eggs this easter and hopefully I don’t receive any (my thighs can’t handle more rich foods after the Christmas cheese and wine fest). Here are my top tips on how you should celebrating easter without breaking into your bank balance.

1. Give people joy not eggs

Easter eggs are a symbol of joy and new life. That doesn’t mean you should get pregnant to give new life. But, you should give out some joy. In the run up to easter, why don’t you practice being nicer. I know it’s tough. Smile at strangers, laugh uncontrollably and be really thankful and grateful every day. You don’t realise how much a little gratitude can brighten someone’s day.

2. Cook a big family meal

Invite friends and family round and ask them all to bring an item to share with the other guests. Sharing is what these celebrations are about. If you’re hosting then you’ll be sharing your house and cooking abilities so buying gifts is unnecessary

3. Pick daffodils & tulips

easter tulips

Be careful where you picking them from as many people put hard work into their spring blooms. If you know somewhere that allows you to pick daffodils or tulips then you can spend a day picking them to give to friends and family instead. Or just pick up a cheap bunch from Tesco on Saturday evening (it’s cheaper on a Saturday night).

4. Have real eggs instead of chocolate ones

If you have children they may be a little peeved with this idea, but just go with it. Have an egg day. Eat eggs, paint eggs and throw eggs. Yes. Throw eggs. Have you ever played that game where you throw them to one another and step back each time? Play that with your kids. It’s messy but they will absolutely love it. Eggs are so cheap to pick up in your local supermarket and surely fun, eggy activities are a much better idea than filling your stomach to the point of explosion eating them?

5. Look for deals

If you MUST buy some chocolate eggs then you need to look around. Have a read of my supermarket deals page to ensure your shopping savvy enough to grab bargains. Here’s what I’ve found to be some of the cheapest easter egg deals this 2017 so far:

  • 12 pack of Cadbury Cream eggs from Tesco for £3.95
  • 328g pack of mini eggs £3 from Sainsbury’s
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny 50p in pound stretcher
  • Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Bunny £2.80 in Sainsbury’s
  • Cadburys Orea Easter egg £4 in Tesco

Personally, I’m thinking that even these are too much to be spending my money on though. Maybe I’ll wait and see if they drop in price over the Easter weekend. But for now,
my plan is to spread some joy and host a big family meal.

real eggs at easter to save money


What are your plans this Easter?

How To Save Money By Bulk Buying And Batch Cooking

Posted on January 6, 2017 in Saving Money
How To Save Money By Bulk Buying And Batch Cooking

Some people enjoy colouring for mindfulness and relaxation, but not me. One of my favourite things in life is cooking. I really enjoy spending a Sunday, in peace, chopping, slicing and dicing. The therapeutic benefits are great, but the money saving efforts of a batch cooking day are even better! If you’ve read my LiveLean review, you’ll know that I love buying big batches of Chicken online and making the majority of my lunches ahead. But it’s not just chicken and lunches. I love buying my food in bulk and batch cooking it all, a fridge freezer full of Tupperware and prepped food is one happy fridge freezer. So today I want to show you how you could save loads of money by doing the same.

Benefits of Bulk Buying:

Benefits of bulk buying

Less packaging waste:

Do you ever spend ages after a supermarket shop disposing of plastic wrappers, there are loads, right? Well with bulk buying you’ll have so much less packaging which means it’s both good for your bin men, and great for the environment.

Time saving:

Buying more items in one shop is so much more time saving than going to a supermarket every day or two to buy the exact same thing. Shopping itself is a pretty time-consuming activity so minimising time spent is beneficial to your other activities.

You will probably eat healthier:

When you bulk buy foods it’s highly likely that most of the food you’ll be bulking is whole foods like rice, grains, pasta, cereal, meats, etc…. So it’s unlikely to be processed, unhealthy food, which is not only good for your bank balance but for your waistline too.

Budget saver or money drainer:

Bulk buying can be a real budget saver, but make sure you follow our mini guide below to ensure it stays that way. Buying the incorrect products or going about it wrongly can make bulk buying a real money drainer.

How To Get Started Bulk Buying:

How to get started bulk buying

Buy what you need:

Make a list of meals you want to plan and what you need to buy. Going in blind could lead you into unnecessary spending, which is completely counter-productive. Only buy what you need, when you need it.

Online Meat Retailers:

While most people still prefer to buy in shops, there is an ever increasing trend of online shopping. Modern society has made it so easy to research and compare deals online. For the last few months, I’ve always bought my meat online as I’ve been able to thoroughly research the companies out there and their prices. I’ve found that LiveLean are one of the most competitively priced companies but there are plenty of others out there, and you can even buy Costco products online too.

Costco and similar

Speaking of Costco, if you are still a bit more old fashioned and prefer shopping in a real supermarket then see if you’re eligible for a membership card for shops like Costco or Bookers. I have a Costco card and it’s saved me loads of money over Christmas as I was able to bulk buy the majority of our non-perishable food.

Stock up on the right things

It’s important to know what you can and can’t stock up on. I once bought too much lettuce and thought I could freeze it, baring in mind it’s mostly made of water, once it defrosted it became a pile of slodge. Not cool. Don’t bulk buy fresh products that can’t be frozen or made into a meal to be frozen. You will absolutely be wasting your money if you do this.

Work by price per unit price

If you see 20 tins of beans in a pack and the price per unit is 50p each, but you could buy them separately for 49p each then don’t bulk buy it. That’s just common sense. Always check the price-per-unit to ensure you’re actually getting a reasonable price for the product you want to buy. If you don’t feel the price is right, then don’t get it.

Make sure you know the product

If you’ve never tried quinoa before, don’t go buying 5kg of it. If it turns out you hate it, you have completely wasted your money. Make sure you’re not buying products to sample in bulk. Many companies can send you sample products if you contact them beforehand and ask – do that instead.

How To Get Started Batch Cooking:

How to get started batch cooking

Utilise your Tupperware and freezer bags

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the necessary tools to store your foods. Tupperware, sandwich and freezer bags are great. Always make sure you have enough of them and a sharpie pen to write on bags and lids.

Clear out the cupboards, freezer and fridge

Do you know all the food products you currently have in your house? I didn’t think so. Have a look through your fridge, freezer and cupboards and utilise everything you can. Give them a good clear out and make some space for all your bulk buys and see if you can make any batched meals with what you already have.

Label your food

Sharpies are a must. Some food frozen looks the same. Trying to distinguish between a spag bol and chilli con carne when frozen can be a nightmare. Write on the label what it is, portion size and if you like to track your foods the ingredients are a must.

Make the most of yellow labels

When you’re in a supermarket and you see the yellow label discounts, if it’s an item that can be worked into your meal prepping or can be frozen, then buy it. But, only if you think you can work it in. Don’t buy crap that you’ll likely have to bin, and don’t buy fresh produce that can’t be frozen. I’ve written a guide on saving money in supermarkets that may be able to help you with yellow label shops.

Easy Batch Cooking Meals:

Batch cooking meals

There are loads of meals to choose from when batch cooking but here are some of my favourites:

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Chilli con Carne
  • Sausage hot pot
  • Cottage pie
  • Lasagne
  • Chicken pasta
  • Beef or Chicken pie
  • Chicken curry
  • Jacket potato and sandwich fillings
  • Chicken or beef stews and casseroles
  • Soups
  • Ratatouille

Batch cooking and bulk buying

Have you tried any of these meals for yourself? And do you have any other batch cooking and bulk buying tips? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

How to crush your new year saving and fitness resolutions

Posted on December 23, 2016 in Saving Money
health and fitness resolutions

January is fast approaching so it’s time to set some resolutions. Like most people my 2017 goals are to save more, eat less and move more – I’m pretty sure they’re very similar every January.

Each year, I become a little bit better at “life” and manage to completely crush my goals. 2017 will be no exception. This year I’ve decided to write a post to detail how I manage to stick to my resolutions and how I can help you to do the same.

Plan, plan, plan.

When making new year’s resolutions it’s so important to actually have a plan. You can’t just make up something ridiculous and unattainable. If you make a resolution to save money, you need to figure out how much you want to save, how long it will take and how you’re going to do it. If you say in January you want to “save money” and by the end of December you have 30p left in your bank, you’ve technically achieved it.

It’s the same with your fitness goals, you can’t just say I want to lose weight. You need to plan how much you want to lose, how you will do it and what you need to change. Then you can start working towards it. “A goal without a plan is just a dream”


So you want to get fit, healthy AND save money? Do you know where to start? You can read my guide on “hitting fitness goals without spending a fortune” to begin with, but you’re going to need more that that.

health and fitness resolutions

Having the right knowledge to achieve your goals is so important. If you want to lose weight, then you should read up on diets and nutrition, if you want to run faster, then educate yourself on the couch to 5K program or other running programs. If you want to build muscle then there are numbers of online resources to show you how – but you can’t just make these resolutions blindly.

Write it Down

The best way to stick to goals is to have them written in a book. Read it often and amend it as needed. Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down, that’s because writing makes it concrete. Keeping your goals in your mind is completely different to having them on paper.

health and fitness resolutions

A piece of paper or a notebook is more official, it’s more “real”. Seeing a written resolution reinforces it in your brain and keeps you striving towards it. If you see it often, you can’t forget about it.

Tell a friend

By telling a supportive friend your resolutions you have someone who can hold you accountable. Someone who when you’re struggling can help get you back in line. When someone knows your goals, it’s much easier to achieve them. I remember someone once telling me about how she told her daughter she was giving up smoking and that was the one reason she powered through. Telling another person what you wish to achieve will help you stay more committed to the cause.

What are my resolutions and how am I sticking to them

My plan is to save an extra 3k and lose 3 stone by the end of December 2017.

The Two 3’s! I’m going to do this by assessing my current spending and eating habits and adding more fitness into my daily routine. I want to hit 10,000 steps a day, do a home workout daily and eat 3 healthy nutritious meals.

health and fitness resolutions

I’m going to online shop for the best deals

Since I discovered LiveLean I’ve decided to stop buying so much meat in the supermarkets and instead bulk buy it online to ensure I get the best offers possible. I have a big freezer so I can batch cook lots of healthy, nutritious lunches and dinners and defrost them as and when required. By buying my meat online I should be able to save a fair bit of money AND make sure my diet is on point – which helps out both of my 2017 goals.

I will stop shopping for clothes

As I plan to be losing weight, I will probably also need to spend more money throughout the year on clothes as my size will be changing a lot. Which is annoying, but charity shops have some awesome clothes for really low prices. Through charity shop shopping I have managed to acquire loads of designer clothes which people think cost me loads when realistically it probably cost me a fiver.

I’m going to change my social lifestyle

Another way I’m going to change my 2016 is by reducing the amount of time I spend at social occasions. I love going out, being social and spending time with friends, but these occasions are always based around spending money on food and drinks. Where I’m trying to save money and eat less food I need to kick that on the head. I will still see my friends, and be social but on my own terms. Gatherings and meals at my house or theirs will be a great way to stay social but reduce the likelihood of breaking those resolutions.

I’m going to forgive myself if it all goes wrong

If after planning, educating and writing my goals down, it all goes wrong, then I’ll get over it. It’s not the end of the world. Life’s for living and if the resolutions are too hard to stick to then change them. Don’t feel guilty or like a failure. Forgive yourself and move on. Goal setting doesn’t HAVE to be done at a new year, it can be done at any time. Make some new goals, start over and enjoy the life you’re living.

What are your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions? I’d love to know in the comments below.

How To Hit Fitness Goals Without Spending A Small Fortune

Posted on December 21, 2016 in Saving Money
fitness equipment

January is one of the most popular times of year for people attending the gym. With new year’s resolutions in full force and a Christmas gut to work off, it’s clear to see why. But, attending the gym and getting fit and healthy can be a costly experience. I have loads of friends who spend between £40 – £100 a month on their health and fitness bills, which is absolutely mental.

I wanted to make a guide, on how to hit your fitness goals without spending a fortune on unnecessary bills such as protein, supplements, fitness accessories, gym memberships, class memberships and clothing. 


But how can you hit your fitness goals without spending all your hard earned dollar?

You don’t need protein powder:

protein powder fitness goals

If you’re paying close attention to your nutrition and how much you eat there’s no need for you to load up on expensive protein powder and other supplements. Your diet should give you the required daily recommended allowances, and if it doesn’t then you should probably change it. Supplements are just that. They are a product used to supplement missing nutrients from your diet. Stock up on Lean Meats like chicken and fish. Companies like LiveLean consistently have offers on their chicken and lean meat hampers, and you can even use our exclusive discount code. If you’d rather buy your meat in the store, then have a read of our guide to lowering your shopping costs to make sure you get the best deals possible.

Fitness accessories are overpriced and inaccurate:

Fitness Accessories

I have a FitBit, it was bought for me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and admittedly I would feel lost without it. But, it’s not necessary – just because I wear a watch, it doesn’t make me run any faster or work any harder. It is essentially just a marketing ploy to make consumers spend waaaaay too much money. Like seriously, they are ridiculously expensive. It’s also been proven that they don’t improve users fitness, and research shows they can be up to 40% inaccurate. That’s a lot of money to spend on something that could be entirely wrong.  

We all know how important it is for your heart to get its much-needed exercise. The British Heart Foundation recommends 10,000 steps per day as the adequate amount. Which is probably why fitness trackers have gained so much popularity. But if you really need to track your step goals then pick up a pedometer online or from a sports shop. They can be easily picked up for around £5.

If you really are desperate for a FitBit or other expensive fitness tracker, then why not consider requesting it as a Christmas, birthday or another present.

Do you really need the gym:


Signing up for a gym membership can be one of life’s biggest expenses (that’s if you don’t pay rent or bills). When I was 16 years old I signed up for a years leisure club membership as it was cheaper to be locked in than to pay a monthly rolling contract. What a massive mistake that was. I attended, maybe 5 times? Yet I paid around £200. I’m so glad I’ve learned over the years how to be more money savvy. The gym is a great way to meet fitness goals. But, depending on what those goals are, is it really necessary?

outdoor fitness

If you’re already slender and want to participate in bodybuilding contests, then yes it’s totally necessary. If you’re a bit porky and want to just use cardio machines then no it’s not. Get a sports bra, throw on some sweats and go for a jog around the block. Stream some High-Intensity workouts from Youtube. Even spend money on a fitness DVD but signing up for a gym contract could cost you a small fortune. Assess your goals and plan your strategy.

Is more expensive sportswear better?:


Sportswear has become somewhat of an everyday statement. Instead of being solely used for the gym or exercising, it’s now made it’s way into mainstream fashion. With that, comes a price hike. People who have never worked out a day in their life are now strolling the streets in fancy sports leggings and sweatpants. This means you need to look harder for the best deals. More expensive doesn’t always mean better. Even the more expensive clothes were probably still made in the same factory in Asia. Unless you plan on wearing sportswear every day I’d advise you to head to sports direct and keep the expensive Sweaty Betty gear for birthday treats. There are only 2 items of sportswear I consider spending a bit extra on, and that’s sports bras and trainers. I’d advise you to do the same.


 Now you know how to save, it’s time to put it all into action.

DO you know of any other ways to cut fitness costs, without neglecting your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

LiveLean for Slimming World Members

Posted on December 20, 2016 in Saving Money
Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Since I wrote my LiveLean review, many of my readers have been asking me if It’s good for slimming world members. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post to answer all your questions.

LiveLean good for Slimming World

In my review, I touched upon the fact that LiveLean was actually introduced to me via friends who still attend slimming groups like WeightWatchers and Slimming World. As an ex-slimming world group member, I know exactly how the program works and I still actively (but not always strictly) follow it from home. But, as a money-saving blogger, I don’t pay to go to a group or follow the plan online.

So here’s a run through of some of my frequently asked questions.

Is LiveLean good for slimming world members?

One word: YES!
LiveLean has such a varied range of low-fat, high-protein meats and treats to keep slimming worlders satisfied. I’ve loved trying their meats and I know so many of my friends do too. I always check the nutritional information though to ensure that what I’m buying is lean enough to be low syn or syn free though and if I’ve had any queries then my friends who still go to the slimming world group find out for me. LiveLean also has a “Slimming Club” option in their main menu so they definitely know a lot of food optimizers are buying their meats online.

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Hands up if you love LiveLean’s Lean Meats

If you are currently going to group or thinking about joining over the new year, I’m sure you will hear lots of members talking about buying their meat online. I know some people even get theirs delivered to the IMAGE therapy group as they’re not at home to pick it up.

What’s the best LiveLean hamper for Slimming World Members?

LiveLean has a slimming meat hamper aimed specifically for those attending such groups. Every piece of meat in the hamper is SYN FREE or at least really low syn. It contains:
– 2 x 6oz British Rump Steaks – SYN FREE
– 2 x 400g lean beef mince (4% fat) – SYN FREE
– 24 lean steak meatballs – SYN FREE
– 2 x 4oz Chicken burgers – 0.5 SYNS EACH
– 2 x 6oz Hache Steaks – 1 SYN EACH
– 8 x Chicken sausages – 1 SYN for 4 Sausages!
It’s a great hamper to make a whole host of different low syn meals and will keep your plate unique and interesting.

My LiveLean Order

I also bought some healthy extras with my hamper

Even better than that, the meat is all British, grass-fed and free-range, which means you’re getting meat from even healthier animals – and of course that makes you healthier, right?
The sausages are a bonus too, especially if you prefer a meaty sausage as opposed to vegetarian. I found most low syn/syn free sausages are veggie ones and as much as I love Linda Mccartney’s red onion ones, I love meaty ones more.

What Slimming world meals have I made with LiveLean meat?

So after my initial order, I’ve made a few more since and I’ve been trying out loads of new ideas. I have a few of the slimming world books including the Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes one which is my ultimate favourite cookbook (beats Joe Wicks’ Lean In 15 any day). I’ve mostly been making recipes from that, some that I’ve found online and others from magazines. Here’re my top favs:

Chicken Based

Premium Chicken Fillets LiveLean

Because LiveLean sells 5kg packs of chicken for less than £25 I’ve been able to create a magnitude of chicken meals to keep us going. Chicken breasts are such a lean meat so they are great for extra easy and SP days. My favourites are:

  • Katsu Curry – I make this weekly because I live near an oriental takeaway, this keeps temptation at bay.
  • Pizza Topped Chicken – My ultimate syn free treat meal. I absolutely love pizza so when “dieting I like to have a good replacement, and this is definitely it. I even use LiveLeans high-protein cheese, meaning I can get loads more for my healthy extra.
  • Sticky Chicken – for when I’m feeling sweet. It’s quick, easy and tasty and can easily be thrown together with some veggies, some pasta or a salad.
  • Chicken Chow Mein – for a quick and easy dinner. Normally the rushed Monday night meal, especially if it’s been a rather “synful” weekend.

Mince Based

Lean Minced Beef LiveLean

After searching through loads of supermarkets I really struggled with finding lean mince. Many would say they were lean but would still be over 5% fat, and I know that with slimming world mince needs to be below 5% to be classed as syn free. That’s when I discovered LiveLean’s mince is only 4% fat, which is awesome. I love using Mince for quick and easy dinners as well as more time-consuming meals like burgers – but here are my top 3:

  • Chilli Con Carne – I make this weekly as it’s quick, easy and spicy.
  • Cheese and Bacon burgers – When I have a little extra time on my hands, normally a weekend meal if I can be bothered.
  • Spaghetti bolognese – Because isn’t a spag bol just the easiest of dinners?

Best Of The Rest


With loads of other meats to choose from like steaks and lean meatballs, it’s hard to ignore these in favour of chicken and mince. I’m not too keen on pork, but I tend to tweak some of the pork recipes to use chicken instead. So here’s the best of the rest, all the other slimming world meals I make using LiveLean products:

  • Italian Meatballs in tomato sauce – using LiveLeans tasty meatballs
  • Steak Frites – Obviously with all the fat chopped off
  • Cooked Breakfast – Using Chicken sausages and bacon (with the fat removed)
  • Egg white omelette – using their egg whites, to make it leaner than a normal omelette. I usually make this at the end of the week to use up all the leftovers in the fridge to make way for more.

What are the other benefits to Slimming World Members?

LiveLean has tonnes of other benefits, not just to slimming world members but for people wanting to lead a healthier, low-cost lifestyle. The reason I was so attracted to the idea of LiveLean was because I knew I was getting great quality meat for super low prices – and I LOVE low prices!

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Their website is so easy to use, I have some real technophobe friends and they’ve managed to make orders easily. That’s one thing I find with LiveLean’s competitors, they seem to be filled with junk, adverts and they just look messy, whereas LiveLean’s website looks clean and organised, which reflects so well on them as a company.

Their customer service is great. I’ve phones up to amend my orders and ask for extra details from the team before and they have always been so kind, warm and friendly. Customer service, for me, is one of the main things that would make me return to a business.

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Ordering your meat online is “Extra Easy” – you, see what I did there 😉

They don’t just sell meat either, you can pick up some synful snacks like protein Mars and Snickers bars, as well as zero calorie coffee syrups. They’re so versatile and varied.

How to get started

LiveLean’s website is so easily accessible. As soon as you go to their homepage you will see in the menu the “Slimming Club” option. This will take you straight to their lean meats and lean hampers. You can also go straight there by clicking this link. By heading to the “slimming club” option, you can ensure you’re getting the right meat and don’t end up accidentally buying super fatty cuts.

It’s also a good idea to have a read through my review first so you know the best options. I’ve even added an exclusive discount code on there.

LiveLean Promo & Discount Codes – Up To Date & Working

Posted on November 10, 2016 in Saving Money
LiveLean discount codes vouchers

If you’re looking for a Livelean discount code to save money on your order, and an honest review of their meat you came to the right place!

Live Lean Promotions, Deals and Offers – New Year Specials!

LiveLean features many different deals and offers. If you’re a student you can get 10% discount and if your order is above £75 you can get free delivery.

USE OUR EXCLUSIVE :OWLFIVE” To get £5 off of your entire order! Enter OWLFIVE in the discount code box at the checkout.  

Click Here To Reveal Your Exclusive £5 Off Code »

Use: “TRY US” to get the 39-Piece lean meat hamper for just £10.95 when it should be £24.95

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Use: “2sirloin” To get 2 sirloin steaks reduced from £7 to JUST £2!!

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Use: “CHICK5″ To get 10 Chicken Fillets for ONLY £6.95 OR 5 Chicken Fillets for JUST £1.55

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Use: “OWLFIVE″ To get the slimming meat hamper at ONLY £51

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Get a WHOLE BRITISH CHICKEN for JUST 55p!!! Using code: CHICK5

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Get £5 OFF any products in LiveLeans Weekly SpecialsUsing Code: "OWLFIVE"

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GET a 62 piece LEAN bundle this new year for ONLY £50 - No code required!

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Use Code: BURGERDEAL For 12 Chicken Burgers for JUST £4.50

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Spend over £75 and get FREE DELIVERY on your purchases.

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Active Live Lean Voucher Codes & Weekly Discounts

Live Lean Offer DescriptionOffer TypeDiscount Code
Get £5 Off Your LiveLean Order with this exclusive promo codeVoucher CodeGet Coupon Code
Get £5 off any product in the weekly special deals list with this coupon codeVoucher CodeGet Coupon Code
Get a New Year lean 62 piece bundle for only £50 - includes Chicken, Sirloin & Rump Steaks, Sausages, Bacon & BurgersPromo DealClaim Offer
Get a WHOLE chicken for just 55pPromo DealClaim Offer
Get 12 chicken burgers for just £4.50Promo DealClaim Offer
Slimming meat hamper at ONLY £51 - Perfect for UK Slimming World MembersPromo DealClaim Offer
12 Chicken Burgers for JUST £4.50Promo DealClaim Offer
Spend over £75 and get a free delivery discount codeVoucher CodeGet Coupon Code

PLUS There are loads more special offers and weekly deals when you head over to the LiveLean’s weekly deal section.

What Is LiveLean? – The Background

My friends have been talking a lot about LiveLean. Until a month ago I’d never heard of them and assumed Musclefood were the only online meat retailers – well I was wrong. I had to try them out. But was I impressed or disappointed? Read my LiveLean review to found out. You’ll find my working, up-to-date and exclusive discount/voucher codes below.

LiveLean is a British meat company, that started in 2014 by Paul Horrocks and Paul Masterson – the two Pauls. They specifically work with British Meat, although have recently expanded to accommodate some more exotic stuff like Crocodile and Buffalo meat. The company, which is based in Cheshire, use farms local to them in both Lancashire and Yorkshire so you can rest assured that your meat is coming from a local UK farm.

Their UK award winning farms are also cruelty-free welfare farms, they ensure the animals enjoy the best possible life living free and naturally outdoors on a grass fed diet – which is a big plus for me as welfare is important to me, it’s great to know the meat comes from farms with high standards.

The company sends out a great message about the importance of good quality food for living healthy and they have a massive range of lean, healthy nutritious meats, as well as fish, nut butter and supplements.

Why Use LiveLean?

My LiveLean Order

LiveLean pack their boxes in special packaging to keep it cool and fresh for up to 48 hours!

I always figured companies like LiveLean were for the buff/lean ones among us – I’m far from one of those. 5ft nothing and a little bit fluffy around the edges, I didn’t think companies like this were for me. That’s why I was surprised when one of my friends told me that her Slimming World group members swear by LiveLean and my other friends from different weight loss groups seem to agree. They told me that their meat is so lean it’s basically free food (or syn free as the slimming worlders say). I also found out that they actually do a Best Of British Slimming Meat Hamper for only £56 and it has over 60 pieces of meat in!

Livelean isn’t just a company for slimmers, it’s for anyone who loves good quality British meat – which is just about everyone. Unless you’re vegetarian or vegan, then this company is 100000000% not for you.


LiveLean order

LiveLean Protein Store
Written by: Alexis
Date Published: 01/01/2017
LiveLean provide great quality meat at unbeatable prices. I was more than impressed with their quality, price and speed of delivery. Will definitely use again.
5 / 5 stars

Alexis x  

The Best Way To Save Money At Christmas – 18 Top Tips!

Posted on October 26, 2016 in Saving Money
Save money on christmas shopping

We all know this time of year is tight on the bank balance and probably the one period of the year we splash too much cash. But there is a way to go through the festive season without having to feel the pinch. I’ve compiled a list of 18 money saving tips for Christmas. In 3 separate sections of Presents, Food and Decorations I’ve listed the best ways to save money this Christmas.

Save money on christmas shopping

Of course, the best way to save money for Christmas is to plan in advance and spread the costs throughout the year, but that’s not always easy or possible. But, for next year try and think about keeping a Christmas fund locked away, or buying presents earlier in the year.


Save money on christmas presents

Presents can be one of the hardest things to save money on, especially if you have a big family. Here I’ve chosen 5 different methods I use to save money on Christmas presents.


Start your planning with a strict budget. Plan who you need to buy for, their importance and list it in order. Add them all together – then chop a bit off, because you’ve probably overestimated it. I set a strict budget of £80 on presents. £40 to my partner, £10 each to my mum & dad and £5 each on siblings.

Don’t buy for everyone

You really shouldn’t buy for everyone. Yes, buy them a card but presents aren’t necessary. If someone buys you a present, but you haven’t got them one, don’t worry. They shouldn’t expect anything back, If they’re giving to receive, they probably don’t deserve a present in the first place.

Write cards early

Start buying and writing your cards now. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be to give to the person instead of having to spend unnecessary postage costs. Buy a cheap bumper pack of cards and customise a nicer message on the inside to show you’ve made a decent effort.

Go Secondhand

Shopping second hand may not sound like a good idea for a present, however, many online sites like Facebays and Ebay are filled to the brim with people selling unwanted gift cards for lower costs. Also, charity shops don’t just stock second-hand items, a lot of the time you can pick up brand new products PLUS you’ll be helping charity.

Shop the deals

Black Friday’s coming up, and cyber Monday. Once you’ve set your budget and listed who to buy for then head over to Hot Uk Deals or a similar website and start bargain hunting. Have a few ideas in mind, shop around before you make your purchase or wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to buy.


Save money on christmas food

The second biggest Christmas expense for many families is food. When I was a child my mum used to spend hundreds on food and alcohol, just for one day! Here’re 7 ideas to help you save money on your Christmas food shop.


As with the presents set a strict budget and stick to it. Think about the main 3 days and each meal wisely and don’t over think. The chances are you’ll be eating two meals and lots of snacks every day.


Plan out exactly what you want to cook each day and make sure it aligns with your budget. Plan your recipes and what ingredients you will need to execute them. Don’t over complicate things and start making extravagant meals, just make good, homely meals that people will enjoy.

Tins & Frozen

After figuring out your recipes and ingredients, consider buying tinned and frozen goods instead of fresh, there’s always a possibility with fresh produce that it may go off – which would firstly waste a lot of money and secondly cause a lot of unnecessary Christmas drama.

Who needs a turkey

Do you even need a turkey, there’s not much difference between turkey and chicken except for the giant up in price over Christmas – if anything chicken is nicer. Use a LiveLean Discount Code when buying your chicken online with them, and save £5 with our exclusive voucher code!

Shop around

Shop around before choosing where to buy your food from, everyone knows Iceland has some great Christmas deals (as if we haven’t seen the adverts) but don’t just settle on them, check out other budget stores like Aldi, Lidl and farm foods. Make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

Yellow Labels

Shop the yellow labels. Every time you’re in a shop check to see if any of your planned ingredients are in the yellow label section, and if you can buy it and freeze it. Yellow label is one the best way to shop the deals, but if you want more, you can also read my post on saving money on your weekly food shop.

Snack offers

Remember how I said you’re probably only going to eat two meals a day over Christmas? Well, that’s probably because you’ll be living off snacks. Start filling up the cupboards now while the shops are still promoting 2 for 1 offers and the likes as these probably won’t last into December, and you can expect to see a price hike too.


Save money on christmas decorations

The last thing to think about with regards to Christmas spending is decorations, here are my 6 top tips to help you save money on Christmas decorations.


I’m repeating it for the third time! Plan, plan, plan your budget. If this is your first Christmas then your budget may be slightly higher but if it’s not, you should be able to recycle most of the decoration from the previous year. If you want big Christmas savings then you should probably cut the most corners here.

Hand me downs

Many families have tonnes of lights and baubles hidden away in attacks and sheds, ask your parents or friends if they have anything they’re not planning on using this year, it doesn’t matter if you don’t fit in with the year’s “theme”, it’s Christmas, not a fashion contest.

Get Crafty

I love Pinterest – I could spend hours and hours scouring and pinning Christmas decorations, although I’m not a very crafty person, there are tonnes of EASY to make decorations with loads of instructions to ensure your Christmas tree jars looks bang on.

Charity Shops

Charity shops save all they’re seasonal goods in the back room, so in January when everyone ditches theirs, the charity shops hold them back waiting for this season. That’s why charity shops are a great place to grab a bargain – and again you’re donating to a charity, it’s win-win.

Loyalty points

Last year my partner and I bought the majority of our Christmas decorations using Tesco Clubcard points. Around Christmas, they launch double up points so you can buy everything for half the price.

Buy for next year

After Christmas, you can pick up loads of decorations for around 50p when they may have been over £5 beforehand. Buy these now and pack them away ready for next year.

But Remember…..

Save money on christmas

The most important thing to remember is that Christmas is a fun happy time. Borrowing money through credit cards and payday loans will only take the fun out of Christmas. It could leave you with money concerns and possibly ruin next year’s Christmas. If you’re really strapped for cash it’s worth looking into ways to make a bit more pocket money. I’ve recently reviewed a match betting service called OddsMonkey and I advise it to anyone looking for a quick, easy side earner.

Save money on christmas

With, all of these hints and tips on how to save money this Christmas fresh in your mind. Plan for next year set a savings goal and plan and keep an eye out for presents and decorations all year round.

Enjoy the jolly season 😀

Travel Saving : 14 Ways I’m Saving To Travel The World

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Travel Saving

Traveling is expensive! I’ve been leading my frugal, money saving life for quite sometime now, yet I still don’t have quite enough. My dream is to see the world – not just the usual Thailand and southeast Asia, I want to see everything!

The first goal is to travel round Europe. Then in the future I will travel to Africa, Asia and Australia, Antarctica,and then finish up somewhere in North or South America. But first Europe!

So how on earth do you start saving and preparing to travel? Unlike a holiday, in which you save for a few months of the year. Traveling is like ALL the holidays rolled into one long expensive trip.

Here are my 14 top tips for saving enough money to travel!


Earn, Earn, Earn!!

Look online at ways to make money! There are tons! You can start a blog, become a mystery shopper, sell your stuff on ebay. There are loads of ways to make money online. I’ve recently started Matched Betting and you can read all about how to get started on my review.

However, don’t just think about making money online. Take up a second job, maybe a supermarket? That way you not only get paid, you get awesome discounts, and reduced produce at the end of your shifts, meaning you also save money on grocery shopping. WIN WIN!

Leafleting is another way to make money, yes it’s an annoying job! But it will keep you fit & active, you can manages your own time, enjoy the sunshine, and you can EARN EARN EARN!!


Motivate Yourself

At times when you’re struggling to remember why you’re working so hard…. Why you’re staying up so late….. Why you’re grocery shopping consists of mismatched yellow stickers…. It’s easy to give up saving and get some instant gratification.

A clothes shopping binge, a weekend getaway, a spa day. But these “instant gratifications” will ultimately make you feel worse. You will feel like you’ve failed at saving for your ULTIMATE dream for just 5 minutes of satisfaction.

Keep yourself motivated!

Above my computer I have a giant map which I’ve coloured & highlighted! And around my map I have beautiful photos from all the places I really want to visit.

THAT is my motivation. At 2am when I’ve spent all night working, and typing away! I look up at my collage and I realise one day it will all be worth it!


Set Your Goals

Money saving

Setting Saving goals is another way to keep yourself motivated and on target. Start with your long term goal and break it down into small, easily manageable goals.

For example: My long term goal is to save enough money to travel around the world and visit every country. But if I break it down my short term goal is to save enough money to travel around europe. You could even break it down further – “I want to save enough money to book my flights to Paris” you catch my drift?

Once you start achieving your small goals you will feel a sense of achievement and realisation that you are on the right track to hit your long term goals!


Separate Your Income

You don’t want all the money you’ve been saving to get mixed up with your normal current account and then realise you’ve actually cut into your savings quite significantly.

Create a savings account! A lot of banks will let you create an online account within your usual online banking specifically for savings! Give it a cool name. Top it up often (weekly or monthly) and DO NOT EVER TOUCH IT! Unless it’s travel related of course!


Luxury Food And Coffee

money saving

When I see my friends, who tell me they are always so poor and can’t afford to live drinking a starbucks coffee, it really infuriates me! Coffee shops are a luxury and should not be entered when trying to save. Think about how much money you would save if you put your coffee fund into savings. A lot right?

The same goes for shop bought lunches. A Marks and Spencer lunch may look more appealing than your tupperware’d salad but the price tag is not always so appealing.

Pick up some reduced fruit and salad at the end of the shopping day and make your own frugal salad for work instead.


Cut Down On Utility Bills

Do you really need the heating on every morning at 5? No! Turn it off, save the environment (and your bank balance). If it gets cold in the day add a few more layers on.

Do you need to use the oven and the hob every night? Could you have a cold meat & salad meal for tea instead?

Do you need 6 cups of coffee? Boiling the kettle that amount of times isn’t ideal for your electric bill.

How about lights? Do you leave any on? TV’s on standby?

Shut it down!! Try and cut your gas and electricity bills in half.


Give Up Things

It’s rare that I ever tell people to give up things they enjoy. However, if that thing is smoking then 1000000% give it up!

I gave up a few years ago and realised it’s possibly the biggest money drain I ever had, It smells, it’s dirty and it’s just not that classy!

You can give up other things to. Drinking, the gym, eating out. All these things cost extortionate amounts of money and it’s really not necessary. You can enjoy yourself without drinking, you can cook a great meal at home and you can exercise in the park instead of the gym.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Money saving

Do you really need a car? Does the cost of insurance, MOT, fuel and tax work out cheaper than buying a bike, or getting the bus to work?

Of course if you live in a rural area with 2 buses a day then having a car is a bit of a necessity but if you live in a town or city with great public transport links you should really consider ditching the car and the unnecessary costs which come with it.

The same goes for your TV subscription. Are you paying for Sky? Virgin? BT? Do you even watch the TV that much, could you stream the TV you want to watch instead?

Think about your expenses hard and think about what you can eliminate. Then use the money you save to add to your savings account!

No “New Look” For Your New Look

I understand that you’re going to want a new wardrobe for your travels. But, saving money and new clothes don’t really go hand in hand. I actually dread clothes shopping these days because I spend hours roaming shops, looking at price tags and then shrieking in horror! £35 for high street label is just absurd!

Head to your local charity shop. When I was younger charity shops had such a bad rep for only having “old lady clothes” but these days more and more younger people are jumping on the charity shop hype. With the new “Vintage Chic” phase everyone will want to know where you bought your new dress….you don’t have to tell them….if you’re really that embarrassed.

However, I find being able to brag about my £3 coat that no one else will be able to find pretty GREAT


Keeping Bad Company

Money Saving

You may have been friends since primary school. That doesn’t mean she’s a good friend. A friend who doesn’t support you and tries to convince you to go out every weekend is not the kind of person you want to associate yourself with.

Try and distance yourself from the negative influencers in your life. People that try and convince you that you’re boring and lame are the people that will be looking at photos of your trip wishing they were smart enough to save and do something like that.

Instead they were the people who tried to convince you to spend your money with them!


Looking For A New Backpack?

Try looking online at places like Freecycle, Ebay and Gumtree. Ex backpackers will be just as frugal as you and if they’re not planning on going traveling again for a while they will be selling out their old stuff! Keep your eye in the game.

It may also be worth joining a through travelers chats, reading a few blogs, joining twitter. Sometimes there will be giveaways and competitions for you to pick up some traveling gold!


Plan Plan Plan:

money saving

It’s easy while you’re away to get carried away, drink and party every night but without a strict plan and budget you’ll soon have to return home, skint and hungover! Make sure before you go, you’ve got all your finances in gear, you don’t want any unexpected bills to bankrupt you while you’re away.

Plan your daily budget AND DON’T GO OVER IT! Of course, there’s always going to be unexpected expenses, and they always crop up when you least expect it, but if you have an awsome plan and budget then you will have emergency money to cover these.

So before you start spending, make sure you know how much you need to save! Plan Your itinerary and add up ALL the costs.


Book WELL In Advance!

Now that you’ve written your plan, you should know exactly where you’re heading, and if you’ve already got a money pot filled then you should know when! Booking in advance is a VITAL money saving technique! Train’s, Buses, Ferries, Planes are all guilty of increasing their prices the closer a date gets. A recent study says the best time to buy a plane ticket is 47 days before and for Train tickets, they advise 12 weeks in advance.

It’s also worth looking into splitting your journey and buying separate tickets. A lot of the time it’s cheaper to sit and wait at a train station for 30 minutes than it is to get a direct train. Check it out. You could save loads. I’ve also found that traveling half way by coach and another half by train can also save loads.


Dodgy Exchange Rate

Money Saving

Exchanging your hard earned cash at the airport, train station, hotel, on your ferry is ALWAYS a no go. You WILL 100000% get ripped off! Of course the exchange rate fluctuates soo much these days, sometimes you don’t know when the best time to convert will be.

My advice is to get yourself a Travel exchange card like Caxton. These cards are easy to top up and you can view the exchange rate on your phone or online before you do.

I top mine up before I go anywhere and I don’t take cash with me. Most airports have cash points these days and almost everybody takes plastic (it might be worth checking this if you’re going to somewhere that isn’t so up to date).

There’s really no need to cue at the post office for your euros anymore. Plus it’s so convenient to refill if you run out of money (This won’t happen if your plan and budget are on point!)

So these are the top 14 money saving tips I’m currently following myself! Hopefully it won’t be long till I can achieve my dream and travel the world!


Have I missed anything? Let me know if you have any other money saving tips, you think I should add to the list!

Comment Below!

How to save money on your weekly food shop in 2017

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Food shopping is one of those things in life we could all do without. Unfortunately, we would all starve and that would be a little bit rubbish! Think how much money you could save if you never had to go food shopping again? Sooooo much, right?

Well, what if I told you there was a way you could reduce your shopping bills by at least 50%? You’d think I was lying. Well, I’m not, and I can. I am hot on saving money every way possible and the weekly food shop will not ruin my savviness. And you don’t have to worry, just because you will be spending less doesn’t mean you’re going to lose out on quality. In fact, healthier foods tend to work out a lot better priced than unhealthy foods anyway.

So how do I do it? How do I have a healthy, balanced diet and still spend a hell of a lot less than the average person on my food shop.

My Top Shop Tips:

money saving

Loyalty Cards:

I have a loyalty card for everything. They’re free to sign up for and it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the forms. It’s a no brainer. The benefits of loyalty cards are great as the offers that get sent to you can greatly benefit the price of your grocery shop. For instance with a Tesco clubcard you will get sent vouchers every quarter with not only money off from the points you have built up, but they will also send you tailored offers based on the products you buy. And it’s not only Tesco that do this, Sainsburys, Co-op and Morrisons all do the same. I have a card for each supermarket. I also have loyalty cards for other places like Holland and Barrett, Boots and Superdrug. It’s really worth signing up for loyalty cards everywhere as all the vouchers, in the end, add up. Also watch out for offers like “point double ups” as these usually mean you can get double the price of your vouchers! This is always a bonus, especially in the summer months when you want to splash out on more extravagant ice creams….did someone say Solero’s?

Coupons & Discount COdes:

Without loyalty cards there isn’t much of an opportunity to get money off vouchers, unless you search for it. Check out websites for the branded products you buy and see if they have any offers/coupons/vouchers or discount codes for free/money off from their products. I’ve always managed to find coupons for at least one item, normally an unnecessary item, but who’s complaining when it’s free. I’ve found coupons on Innocent smoothies, walkers crisps and coca cola’s websites. It’s always worth having a look at your favourite brands to see if they have any offers on their websites. Sometimes they may even hold games and competitions on their to win items.

Buying in Bulk:

I tend to buy anything I can in bulk. Of course, it’s not always easy to buy fresh items in bulk as this would be counterproductive and there’s a high chance the produce will go off quicker and you would actually have wasted money. But, there are plenty of other items you can bulk buy, such as long life milks, tins, frozen produce, toilet rolls, shower gels, shampoo, etc. Shops like Costco require memberships but these places do brilliant deals on bulk produce, find a friend with a membership card and your luck is well and truly in. If this isn’t possible look out for BOGOF offers or other money off offers in supermarkets and bulk buy the items you require then. Try searching websites like to find out what shop is currently selling products you require on offer. Also many of the offer signs in the supermarkets will have end dates on, this gives you a time limit to bulk buy as much as you can in that time.

money saving

Meal Planning:

Meal planning is one of my MAIN money saving tips. This ensures you buy ONLY what you need for the week. I ALWAYS plan what we will be eating for the week ahead before I go shopping so I don’t buy any unnecessary salad/veg or fruit which is likely to go off. I have been known to plan out an entire month of meals before, but let’s leave that for another post.

Discount Codes:

Whenever I shop in sainsburys I always seem to get offered a voucher for money off of home delivery. Brilliant. That saves me a trip out, I get money off and I can bulk up on the offers online. Win. Win. There are many companies offering discount codes on online shopping/home delivery. Infact I was on an airplane a few weeks ago and even the in-flight magazine had Ocado discount codes in. It’s really worth actively searching newspapers, magazines and the internet for these discount codes as they could really save you some big bucks.


Ok, so this is huuuuge right now! It’s been all over the newspapers. It’s all over facebook. There are tons and tons of Blog’s about it, but what is Wombling? Well, it’s exactly what it says. Remember that old TV show when you were a child “Wombles of Wimbledon, Wombling free”? Well the Wombles were litter pickers – who recycled what they found. The human form of Wombling is pretty similar. Many supermarket users, who are not as savvy as you or I tend to get given money off vouchers and just throw them away! Can you believe that? They are usually found floating around supermarket car parks, in bushes or left behind in trolleys. With the basic rule of “finders keepers” these vouchers are fair game and many, many people have cut down their weekly shopping bills using this technique.

Yellow stickers:

Lets face it – Everyone loves a yellow sticker discount. But, make sure you plan your yellow sticker hunting times well. If you hunt the yellow stickers to early in the day you risk the price not being as well discounted, and if you yellow sticker hunt too late in the day you risk there not being any yellow stickers left to hunt. Of course these yellow sticker items are almost always close to their sell by date but it’s important to know the difference between use by and best before. Use by: You should almost definitely use the item on/before this date – it may be harmful after. Best before: The item will probably be ok for a few more days but it won’t be at it’s “best quality”. Many items on their use by can still be frozen, prolonging the time you have to use these goods (but always check the labels) Instead of doing a weekly shop, some people actually find it easier to yellow sticker shop everyday and live off the items they find that day.

money saving

Internet Threads

There are soooo many online forums now where like minded people can discuss their supermarket savings. Money savings expert and Hot Uk Deals publish hints and tips on local offers, free items, discount codes and who’s selling what, where and cheapest. It’s always good to have a quick scour of these sites before heading out on your weekly shop to ensure you pick the lowest priced supermarket for the goods you require.

Buy Frozen.

I buy almost all of my meat in frozen KG bags. This works out so much cheaper than fresh meats and still holds the same nutritional value. Sometimes I find the products to be even better from frozen as they would have been frozen in their freshest form. In many supermarkets fresh food aisle you will find products that say “do not freeze – product has been previously frozen” That’s because they will sell defrosted products at double the price because people assume it’s fresh! Don’t fall for the supermarket tricks. Make sure you head down the frozen aisle and see what meat deals you can find. If you have a big freezer it’s the perfect time to stock up.

Don’t be a snob (shops own brands are usually made in the same factory as the bigguns)

When I was a child my mum used to buy Asda’s own crisps. I used to get so annoyed, I thought all my friends would make fun of me and think I was poor (I was about 8 years old too, god knows where I picked this idea up from). Anyway, my mum ignored me and carried on buying them. Little did I know most of my friends parents had they same idea and they definitely weren’t poor. In fact, the poorer people at school used to eat the branded foods instead, I wonder now if that’s why their families were poor? Back to the point, supermarket’s own brands are almost ALWAYS produced in the same factories as the big brands. What you actually pay extra for is a logo and a brand and absolutely no different quality, of course this isn’t always the case but more often than not it is. Check the small print on your next box of cereal and look for the differences, I bet you won’t find any.


Do you have any other supermarket hints and tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to share this post with you’re not so money savvy friends! We could all benefit from a little extra pocket money now and then.

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