How To Stay Focused & Achieve Fitness Goals

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Everybody wants to look and feel good.

Most of us have desires about how we want our body to be.

But many of us ‘give up’.

So how can you stay focused and achieve fitness goals?

Firstly, it’s important to highlight that its not going to be a walk in the park.

It is also not going to happen after a few workout sessions.

And there are many things to consider, diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep pattern to name a few.

Carry on reading to discover my tips on how to stay on track with your fitness goals.



Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves.

That is one of the reasons why many of us give up.

Especially me!

The thing we need to do is get into a routine of working out.

Make it a habit, not a chore.

Research suggests that it takes 21 days for something to become a new habit.

So with perseverance and discipline you won’t be forcing yourself to workout.

In fact, you will start to enjoy it.

If you look around whether at the gym, or in the street, you will see many people with good bodies.

That happened through self-discipline.

They used self-discipline to achieve their targets.

They focused on the outcome.

Starting with a little self-discipline will soon grow.

When you start to see results, it becomes easier.

Then your desire and motivation start to grow.



Motivation and consistency are important in terms of achieving fitness goals.

Without it, you may struggle to continually work out.

Starting with little motivation is still good.

As long as, you have self-discipline.

As previously mentioned, your motivation will strengthen over time when you start to see results.

Having achievable goals helps with your motivation.

Some say little and often works better for them.

Which means they set smaller goals to achieve more often.

For example, lifting an extra 20kg in four weeks.

This keeps them focused and motivated.

Whereas some people, can easily stay on track with bigger goals set.

It all depends on you as a person and what works best for you.

Either way, your motivation will continuously grow whilst working out.


Dedication & Commitment

Putting all your dedication into something can be tricky.

But when it comes to working out you can put in enough dedication to see results.

Setting specific days for working out can help.

Even when you can’t be bothered or have made plans, you can always reschedule your diary to ensure you get a workout in.

If I struggle with commitment I just put my workout clothes on and tell myself ‘anything is better than nothing’.

You just need to be committed into actually doing it.

Dedication and commitment go hand in hand when it comes to working out.

Making a plan of what workout or muscle group you want to target on specifc days can help with the excuse of ‘I don’t know to workout today’.


Plan, Plan, Plan

When setting fitness goals it’s so important to actually have a plan.

You can’t just make up something ridiculous and unattainable.

You need to plan and set targets.

For example, how much you weight want to lose, how you will do it and what you need to achieve it.

Then you can start working towards it.

A goal without a plan is just a dream.

When planning there are numerous things that need to be considered.

Like, are you going to take preworkout supplements to help you along your journey?

Are you going to join a gym or buy equipment for home use?

These decisions should not be rushed.



Taking Pictures & Measurements

Body measurements

When working out, sometimes it can be difficult to notice a difference.

One way to stay focused and motivated is to take pictures of your body.

Don’t worry you don’t need to share them.

Taking a picture of your body, front and back, before starting can not only help to keep you committed but it’s also something for you to look back on.

Regularly taking pictures, every 6-8 weeks, will give you something to compare your first picture too.

And, although you might not notice any changes in person, because you see yourself everyday.

When you compare the pictures you will see a difference from when you first started.

Taking measurements is something I always do.

I take measurements because if I struggle to see a difference in the progress pictures, I can always rely on measurements.

Sometimes your body is changing, for the better, and the scales aren’t budging.

That’s where taking measurements come into place.

You may be losing inches without even realising.

It is surprising and so motivating when you see how many inches you have lost.


Have a ‘Cheat’ Meal

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

If you are stinking to a strict healthy eating plan and workout regime.

It is likely you will get to a stage and think stuff it, I’ll eat whatever I like.

When you start to diet, especially in the first few weeks, you will notice your cravings for sugary, bad food will be going ‘through the roof’.

There is a trick to staying on plan and still having your favourite food.

Allowing yourself one ‘cheat’ meal a week is a good way to stay on form.

What is a cheat meal?

A cheat meal is where you plan to cheat.

It is a meal in which you crave or enjoy.

It is probably not on your healthy foods list!

Not only does this rev up your metabolism – your body is shocked into having fatty foods so as soon as you start eating healthy again it speeds your metabolism up.

But, it keeps cravings at bay.

There are rules though…

It is best to stick to ONE cheat meal a week.

Don’t let your cheat meal to into a cheat week and so on.

Make sure you get straight back onto plan as soon as you have had your cheat meal.

I mean enjoy it, of course.

But some people find that they can ‘fall off the wagon’ with a cheat meal a week.



Fitness research


So you want to get fit and healthy?

Having the right knowledge to achieve your goals is so important.

If you want to lose weight, then you should read up on diets and nutrition.

If you want to run faster, then educate yourself on the couch to 5K program or other running programs.

If you want to build muscle then there are numbers of online resources to show you how – but you can’t just make these targets blindly.


Write it Down

Keep note of your fitness targets


The best way to stick to goals is to have them written in a notebook.

Read it often and amend it as needed.

Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down, that’s because writing makes it concrete.

Keeping your goals in your mind is completely different to having them on paper.

A piece of paper or a notebook is more official, it’s more “real”.

Seeing a written goal reinforces it in your brain and keeps you striving towards it.

If you see it often, you can’t forget about it.


Tell a Friend

By telling a supportive friend your targets you have someone who can hold you accountable.

Someone who when you’re struggling can help get you back on track.

When someone knows your goals, it’s much easier to achieve them.

I remember someone once telling me about how she told her daughter she was giving up smoking and that was the one reason she powered through.

Telling another person what you wish to achieve will help you stay more committed to the cause.



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