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Posted on December 20, 2016 in Saving Money
Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Since I wrote my LiveLean review, many of my readers have been asking me if It’s good for slimming world members. So, I’ve decided to write this post to answer all your questions.

LiveLean good for Slimming World

In my review, I touched upon the fact that LiveLean was actually introduced to me via friends who still attend slimming groups like WeightWatchers and Slimming World. As an ex-slimming world group member, I know exactly how the program works and I still actively (but not always strictly) follow it from home. But, as a money-saving blogger, I don’t pay to go to a group or follow the plan online.

So here’s a run through of some of my frequently asked questions.

Is LiveLean good for slimming world members?

One word: YES!
LiveLean has such a varied range of low-fat, high-protein meats and treats to keep slimming worlders satisfied. I’ve loved trying their meats and I know so many of my friends do too. I always check the nutritional information though to ensure that what I’m buying is lean enough to be low syn or syn free though and if I’ve had any queries then my friends who still go to the slimming world group find out for me. LiveLean also has a “Slimming Club” option in their main menu so they definitely know a lot of food optimizers are buying their meats online.

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Hands up if you love LiveLean’s Lean Meats

If you are currently going to group or thinking about joining over the new year, I’m sure you will hear lots of members talking about buying their meat online. I know some people even get theirs delivered to the IMAGE therapy group as they’re not at home to pick it up.

What’s the best LiveLean hamper for Slimming World Members?

LiveLean has a slimming meat hamper aimed specifically for those attending such groups. Every piece of meat in the hamper is SYN FREE or at least really low syn. It contains:
– 2 x 6oz British Rump Steaks – SYN FREE
– 2 x 400g lean beef mince (4% fat) – SYN FREE
– 24 lean steak meatballs – SYN FREE
– 2 x 4oz Chicken burgers – 0.5 SYNS EACH
– 2 x 6oz Hache Steaks – 1 SYN EACH
– 8 x Chicken sausages – 1 SYN for 4 Sausages!
It’s a great hamper to make a whole host of different low syn meals and will keep your plate unique and interesting.


My LiveLean Order

I also bought some healthy extras with my hamper

Even better than that, the meat is all British, grass-fed and free-range, which means you’re getting meat from even healthier animals – and of course, that makes you healthier, right?
The sausages are a bonus too, especially if you prefer a meaty sausage as opposed to vegetarian. I found most low syn/syn free sausages are veggie ones and as much as I love Linda Mccartney’s red onion ones, I love meaty ones more.

What Slimming world meals have I made with LiveLean meat?

So after my initial order, I’ve made a few more since and I’ve been trying out loads of new ideas. I have a few of the slimming world books including the Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes one which is my ultimate favourite cookbook (beats Joe Wicks’ Lean In 15 any day). I’ve mostly been making recipes from that, some that I’ve found online and others from magazines. Here’re my top favs:

Chicken Based

Premium Chicken Fillets LiveLean

Because LiveLean sells 5kg packs of chicken for less than £25 I’ve been able to create a magnitude of chicken meals to keep us going. Chicken breasts are such a lean meat so they are great for extra easy and SP days. My favourites are:

  • Katsu Curry – I make this weekly because I live near an oriental takeaway, this keeps temptation at bay.
  • Pizza Topped Chicken – My ultimate syn free treat meal. I absolutely love pizza so when “dieting I like to have a good replacement, and this is definitely it. I even use LiveLeans high-protein cheese, meaning I can get loads more for my healthy extra.
  • Sticky Chicken – for when I’m feeling sweet. It’s quick, easy and tasty and can easily be thrown together with some veggies, some pasta or a salad.
  • Chicken Chow Mein – for a quick and easy dinner. Normally the rushed Monday night meal, especially if it’s been a rather “synful” weekend.

Mince Based

Lean Minced Beef LiveLean

After searching through loads of supermarkets I really struggled with finding lean mince. Many would say they were lean but would still be over 5% fat, and I know that with slimming world mince needs to be below 5% to be classed as syn free. That’s when I discovered LiveLean’s mince is only 4% fat, which is awesome. I love using Mince for quick and easy dinners as well as more time-consuming meals like burgers – but here are my top 3:

  • Chilli Con Carne – I make this weekly as it’s quick, easy and spicy.
  • Cheese and Bacon burgers – When I have a little extra time on my hands, normally a weekend meal if I can be bothered.
  • Spaghetti bolognese – Because isn’t a spag bol just the easiest of dinners?

Best Of The Rest


With loads of other meats to choose from like steaks and lean meatballs, it’s hard to ignore these in favour of chicken and mince. I’m not too keen on pork, but I tend to tweak some of the pork recipes to use chicken instead. So here’s the best of the rest, all the other slimming world meals I make using LiveLean products:

  • Italian Meatballs in tomato sauce – using LiveLeans tasty meatballs
  • Steak Frites – Obviously with all the fat chopped off
  • Cooked Breakfast – Using Chicken sausages and bacon (with the fat removed)
  • Egg white omelette – using their egg whites, to make it leaner than a normal omelette. I usually make this at the end of the week to use up all the leftovers in the fridge to make way for more.

What are the other benefits to Slimming World Members?

LiveLean has tonnes of other benefits, not just to slimming world members but for people wanting to lead a healthier, low-cost lifestyle. The reason I was so attracted to the idea of LiveLean was because I knew I was getting great quality meat for super low prices – and I LOVE low prices!

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Their website is so easy to use, I have some real technophobe friends and they’ve managed to make orders easily. That’s one thing I find with LiveLean’s competitors, they seem to be filled with junk, adverts and they just look messy, whereas LiveLean’s website looks clean and organised, which reflects so well on them as a company.

Their customer service is great. I’ve phones up to amend my orders and ask for extra details from the team before and they have always been so kind, warm and friendly. Customer service, for me, is one of the main things that would make me return to a business.

Owl with Slimming World books and LiveLean meat

Ordering your meat online is “Extra Easy” – you, see what I did there ?

They don’t just sell meat either, you can pick up some synful snacks like protein Mars and Snickers bars, as well as zero calorie coffee syrups. They’re so versatile and varied.

How to get started

LiveLean’s website is so easily accessible. As soon as you go to their homepage you will see in the menu the “Slimming Club” option. This will take you straight to their lean meats and lean hampers. You can also go straight there by clicking this link. By heading to the “slimming club” option, you can ensure you’re getting the right meat and don’t end up accidentally buying super fatty cuts.

It’s also a good idea to have a read through my review first so you know the best options. Or head straight to my discount page to pick up your £5 off voucher code (and more).


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