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Posted on January 17, 2017 in Saving Money
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Livelean or Musclefood? It’s a tough decision for many. If you are looking for a review I’ve reviewed Livelean in detail over in this post, and you can also view all the latest discount codes for LiveLean here which I make sure are updated daily.

But if you want to know who’s best, keep reading.

Both Livelean and Muscle Food have such a big following and buying meat online is becoming huge. In fact, both companies are very similar in more ways than one, even, their social media accounts are similar. LiveLean use the hashtag #BestOfBritish on their twitter and Instagram while Musclefood use #TweetYourMeat – so don’t use the wrong online butcher and get confused.

LiveLean Food In Fridge



For 5kg of Premium Chicken Breasts, it’s £24.95 for LiveLean and £25 for Musclefood. Ok, so it’s only 5p different – but every little helps and all that… LiveLean wins the chicken.

Liquid egg whites are one of the most popular products on both LiveLean and Musclefood’s best seller list. LiveLean sells 1L at £2.94, while Musclefood sells 1L for £2.95. Cutting it even tighter here by just 1p – LiveLean, once again steals the lead.

So as you can probably guess, many of Livelean’s products follow this trend. Although it’s not tonnes cheaper than Musclefood it is still better priced and when it’s all added up, you’ll be much better off.



Everybody is different, but in my opinion, I find the taste of LiveLean’s meat better. Of Course, it’s meat, it all tastes very similar but I found Musclefoods chicken to be kinda dry, tough and chewy, whereas LiveLean’s wasn’t as tough and chewy. Could that be down to how I cooked it? Yes possibly. But still, in my opinion, LiveLean wins.


I’ve already gone into detail about how LiveLean prides themselves on their animal welfare and produce quality. With most of their meat being reared outside and grass fed on UK farms, it’s clear to see that a high standard of quality is very important to them.

Musclefood’s website states that they use “responsibly sourced” meats which come from reputable farms where animal welfare standards are met.

So for this round, it’s a draw between Musclefood and LiveLean. However due to the results of the price and taste comparison I have to say LiveLean is a clear, overall winner.

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