How to do Matched Betting Full Time

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Earn a living matched betting

Matched betting has become a popular choice for thousands.

People often start matched betting to earn a few extra pounds.

They are looking to supplement their income and make life a little bit more enjoyable.

But then the money starts rolling in.

Cars, holidays, houses, and a tonne of other ‘extras’ begin to enrich their lives.

Quite often, matched bettors are earning a better hourly wage with matched betting than in their full-time job!

So, it’s only natural that the inevitable thought emerges:

“I wonder if I can do matched betting full time?”

You won’t be surprised to hear that it is actually a well-trodden path.

Lots of people have made the leap from employment, to being their own boss from the comfort of their own home.

All thanks to matched betting.

But, I would like to make sure you don’t jump into this until you are fully ready.

If you have reached the stage where you’re considering this as an option, you must look at both sides of the coin.

Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s not for me to tell you whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea.

Ultimately that decision is yours.

So the aim of this article is to provide you with lots of points to think about.

Things to consider to help you make the right decision.


What Is Your Current Experience?

As with anything in life, it’s important to build as big a picture as possible if you want to make an informed decision about something.

A decision without all the facts?

Often, it’s just a shot in the dark.

That is why it’s important to consider your level of experience with matched betting before jumping in head first and making this a full-time endeavour.

So ask yourself, which level are you at?

If are working your way through the new account offers, and understand the basics, then it’s important to question what to do after the low hanging fruit has been picked.

Because they do run out, and that is when the hard work starts.

Be dedicated to matched betting

You need a deeper level of understanding in matched betting to make the offers and techniques work in your favour.

Firstly, you have your existing customer offers which can become a little bit more complicated.

Existing customer offers are specific promotions offered by each bookmaker.

Usually, these differ from each other, and the standard welcome offers.

So they require a different approach.

These can be offers like the 2nd place refunds in Horse Racing and bore draw money back specials in Football.

You will also encounter lots of different casino offers.

Casino’s throw HUGE sums at you to play with them.

But the thing is, these don’t offer the guaranteed cash returns you’re used to.

Casino offers are all about increasing your chances of winning, not guaranteeing them.

The idea of a casino offer is that by increasing the probability of you winning, you will be in profit in the long run.

However, you obviously need a big bank to be able to do the casino offers and a lot of the other more advanced offers.

Not only do some of the advanced offers take up a lot of cash while you’re doing them.

But, some offers that don’t have a guaranteed return mean you have to be able to absorb some losses.

Not all casino offers are risky, there are some risk-free, low risk and some loopholes that can help earn profits.

That is until the odds work in your favour to put you into profit.

So with that in mind, you need to have a bankroll of at least £5,000 to get started.

And that is the absolute minimum.

The more you can start with, the better your chances of long term success.

Not at that level yet?

Then don’t worry.

You can continue to matched bet at a slower pace and slowly build up your bank.


How Many Hours Will You Need To Work?

There is a lot to be said for unshackling yourself from the constraints of supposed 9 to 5s.

We all know that those job things aren’t just 8 hours per day either, once you factor in unpaid overtime and 2 hours of travelling time, that is a lot of your day eaten up.

If you join the ranks of the full time matched bettors, you should expect to run your operation like a business.

I estimate that around 3 hours per day is needed once you have your processes streamlined.

But things could take a little bit more time in the short term.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of waking up, putting in 3 hours work and spending the day down the beach.

Typically, you will want to plan your day in the mornings when you wake up and check your matched betting opportunities for the day.

Your afternoons will consist of Horse Racing refunds and free bets, as well as offers in sports such as Tennis.

And during the evening, you will typically find that Football dominates certain evenings of your week.

And then you have the weekends.

Weekend matched betting is the key to doing this full time, as this is when the majority of Football is played.

The time spent matched betting may also increase to 5 hours during the weekend due to the number of offers available.

Finally, you must then find time during your week to keep records and keep your accounts in order – both banking and betting.

I recommend keeping records whilst you bet or in the evening, it doesn’t take long and then you know you have everything tracked.

So yes, there’s a good chance you’ll be working fewer hours than your full-time job.

But you’ll need to be available to work over a wider period of time.

At least you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and you can work in your underwear if you feel like it!


What Salary Should You Expect?

Full Time Living From Matched Betting

Before you start, it’s imperative you get clear on what your salary expectations are, and what you need to survive.

As mentioned before, you must treat this like a business – not jump into it on a whim.

So calculate your expenses each month, and how much you need to live on.

Because if you fail to make that amount, and you’re dipping into your base matched betting bank – you’ll soon go out of business.

I estimate through my own experience, and the experience of others, that you can earn between £1500 & £2000 tax-free per month with matched betting.

But this is obviously dependent on the amount of work you put in and having a bit of luck along the way.

Now you should expect to see some months that are higher, and some that are lower.

So if you have a £3,000 month, don’t get too excited because you need the extra to soften the blow of a £1,000 month.

However, remember that matched betting is completely tax-free.

So £24,000 worth of earnings over a year is £30,000 in a normal job.

Not bad eh?


Prepare To Be Dedicated

If you have never worked from home before, you will have to brace yourself for one of the biggest challenges of your life.

The prospect of an angry boss jumping on your back every day is probably a reason why matched betting from home seems attractive.

But, that angry boss’s face appearing in your mind’s eye is what stops you from hitting the snooze button every morning.

When you’re matched betting from home, you need to be your own angry boss.

Your dedication and your discipline to this will have a direct impact on your monthly profits.

The freedom of working from home and on your own terms is an amazing thing.

Empty gyms while everyone is at work, working outside on a nice summers day or getting to spend more time with loved ones.

You can create an incredible lifestyle for yourself.

But you must do the work, or that freedom will evaporate and you’ll soon be looking for a new job.

When that new copy of FIFA is released?

Matched betting comes first.

When your friends are asking you to go out on the town.

But there’s a full Premier League schedule the next day?

Matched betting comes first.

So create a plan, and stick to it.

Your bank balance will thank you for it!

Healthy Accounts = Healthy Bank Balance.

As a professional matched bettor, you are only as strong as the accounts you have open.

If you lose your accounts, you will be like a fisherman trying to fish in a desert.

Once your accounts go, your choices may be limited.

Which is why it’s very, very important to keep your accounts in good health.

There aren’t many risks when it comes to matched betting, just a lot of tricks to keep your accounts active.


What does it mean to keep your accounts healthy?

Well, obviously matched betting isn’t the most favourite thing in the world for bookmakers.

If you are seen to be simply hoovering up all of the value and bringing nothing to the party then they will soon show you the door.

Or ‘gub’ your account as it is commonly known.

If you only bet on markets that present offers for matched betting, then it’s bad news.

You may as well walk into the bookmakers head office with a placard saying ‘I am a matched bettor’.

So like a thief in the night, you must show some cunning.

Avoid detection by their systems, and place what are known as ‘mug bets’.


What is a mug bet?

A mug bet is where you place ordinary bets that make you look like an ordinary punter.

Especially with new accounts.

This will help build up your rating.

It is advised that for every offer you do, you should do three mug bets.

Mug betting is a huge subject of its own, so if you want to learn more you can read this article.


Best Technology Set-Up

Until now, you may have just been getting by doing matched betting with your laptop, or even your mobile.

By all means, you can get by on still doing this.

But the following set-up will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Up to date PC

Firstly, you must need a reasonably fast desktop PC or laptop.

When you’re matched betting it is common for you to have multiple tabs and applications open at the same time.

There is nothing worse than trying to place a bet in a volatile market and losing the price you had based your calculations on because your PC has frozen.


Dual screen set-up

It is also advisable that you have multiple screens available for dual screen browsing.

This is one of the best investments you can make and will shave so much time from your processes.

Matched betting with two monitors is like a dream when you can have an exchange and bookmaker open at the same time.


Using the right software

Finding the right service will make sure you get daily updated reload offers.

Without having to spend hours on end searching for them.

This will save you LOADS of time.

And, you can focus on making more profit.

If you are already at the stage of considering matched betting full time, then you are probably already a member of OddsMonkey.

However, if you’re not then you probably should be.

You can try out their software for free here.

You can make use of their tools and calculators which will make your life even easier when matched betting full time.

The benefit with OddsMonkey is that when they add a new service it is still included within their low monthly cost.


Suitable mobile

There will be times where you just cannot be at your PC.

Or, god forbid, your PC crashes at a crucial moment.

It is in times like these that a backup phone is critical.

Obviously, you need to make sure that your username and password is stored on your mobile for quick access.

Plus, you get bonus points because bets placed from a mobile make you look more like a ‘mug’ punter.


Living life off the grid

Shunning the norms of society, and living life on your own terms really appeals to some people.

The chances are that if you’re considering matched betting as a full-time occupation, you’re part of the rebel club.

While the pros are plentiful, living life in this way isn’t without its drawbacks.

This article wouldn’t be complete if we failed to make you aware of them.

The main thing to consider is that you don’t pay tax on your earnings.

This has implications when it comes to trying to acquire finance against your earnings on things like a mortgage.

Plus, there is a certain stigma that will come with your new career choice.

Obviously, we all know that matched betting is completely legit, and a great way to make money.

But not everyone understands it, and when you state “matched betting” as your job, people will selectively hear “betting”.

Now, this may not bother you in a social setting, but it’s worth considering the possible implications this could have in other areas of your life.

Be prepared to explain the 2 years you spent “matched betting” if you try to get a job in the future.

Perhaps you could reframe those two years as being a “freelance trader.”


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