Risk-Free Casino Offers & How To Exploit Them

Last updated July 27th, 2017 in Matched Betting
no risk casino offers

Perhaps you have become a seasoned matched bettor and completed all of the sportsbook offers, so you’re looking to take the next step.

Or you’re new to matched betting, and wondering what it is all about.

Regardless, making money from the principles of matched betting isn’t limited to extracting value from sportsbook free bets.

Casino offers can be very lucrative – perhaps THE most lucrative. We have seen some people make huge sums with just one casino offer.

This is the exception rather than the rule, but it is possible.

So with this guide, we are going to explain what casino offers are, how they vary, and what you can do to exploit them.


What are Casino Offers?

There are numerous different types of casino offer. If you have any experience with betting at all you will have seen most of them.

Welcome offers are the most popular, and what you will notice is that they’re usually a lot bigger than welcome offers for sportsbooks.

It’s not uncommon to see 100% bonuses on first deposits of up to £500, leaving you with £1000 to play with.

Then once you are a customer of a certain casino you will be offered further deposit offers to ensure your continued play.

These are known as reload offers.

Now the thing you must know is that some of the welcome offers and the reload offers have strings attached.

These are in the form of wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a stipulation of the offer that says you must roll over your deposit and bonus x amount of times before you can withdraw.

For example, if you receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to £500, and take the full amount, you will have £1000 to play with.

With roll over requirements of 25x, you must place £25,000 worth of bets before you can withdraw your funds.

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a pretty difficult task.

Not only that, but that is quite intimidating, £25,000!

With these offers, there is an element of risk involved, and they’re most suited to more experienced matched bettors. The rewards can be amazing, but we’ll cover these in a bit.

However, for people new to the scene, there are also casino offers which carry zero risks.

Yep, none of your money is on the table.

You have everything to gain, but nothing to lose.


How Can Casino Offers be Risk-Free?

Some online casino’s shy away from offering huge sign-up bonuses.

In fact, they decide to hook players in with what are known as ‘risk-free’ offers.

These are offers where they provide you with something like 30 free spins on a particular casino game.

You will then play through your spins, and any winnings are added to your cash bonus.

Typically, these winnings are capped at something like £10 per 10 spins.

But it’s free money, so I doubt you’ll complain too much.

Big deal, you’re probably thinking.

You may only receive £2 or £3 from each of these risk-free offers.

But what you must factor in is that there are around 15-20 of these risk-free offers available.

And each offer takes just minutes to complete, it’s not bad. Plus – you have the chance to win big!

Some bookies even offer you £10 no deposit necessary bonuses.

Yep, that’s right, they will literally deposit £10 into your betting account for you to bet with.

And you don’t have to put any of your money on the line first!


How Much Profit Will You Make?

Casino offers are different from the sportsbook offers because the amount you can earn from each promotion relies on luck to some extent.

Now, it’s not a bad position to be in, because all you’re risking is the bookmaker’s cash.

With a welcome or reload offer that gives you free spins, the returns can vary.

Sometimes, you will go through your free spins and not make a single penny.

But other times, you could hit a feature board, and hit the jackpot, winning hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

Casino Big Win

You see, with casino offers, it is important to remember that you are playing with an eye on the future.

The more offers that you complete, the better your chances of the odds playing in your favour and you hitting one of them big wins.

When that happens, you’ll be thankful you took the minutes out of your day to complete the welcome offers that preceded your jackpot winning attempt!


The Best Risk-Free Casino Strategy

There are lots of different opinions in the matched betting community.

Ultimately, your strategy with casino offers is up to you.

Because of the unpredictable nature of casino games, it is unlike a sportsbook offer where you must follow a set strategy.

But, it is generally accepted that there are two different ways to approach these offers.

The first is the long, patient approach.

Say for argument sake that you have £1000 in your casino account, of which £500 is a bonus.

And then you must play through it 10x in order to withdraw it.

That is £10,000 worth of bets you must place.

Now, all games are guaranteed to pay out a certain amount over a set period of time.

For example, a particular slot may have a RTP (return to player) of 90%.

This means that in the long run, the player wins £90 for every £100 placed.

Obviously, to make the game exciting, the slot doesn’t consistently pay out at that price.

Sometimes you could bet £1 and win £1000, other times you could bet £100 and win nothing.

So the approach that some like to take, is the slow, steady one.

They try to take advantage of the RTP and trust that once they’ve completed their rollover requirements, they will still have £900 of their original £1000 left at the end of it.

They will play maximum lines and the minimum 1p bet per line.

So each bet may cost 25p, which means you must place 40,000 bets to place that £10,000 worth of bets goal.

Sure, it takes a while, but it is the most risk averse and means you should average a profit more often.

But the profit is likely to be low.

You can even use a program like Auto Clicker, which automatically clicks your mouse every few seconds.

This way you can leave your mouse clicking the slot over night while you’re asleep!

On the flip side of the coin, you could try to play higher stakes.

The benefits of this are that obviously, it will be a lot quicker to play through the rollover requirements.

And if you hit the slot machine while it is in a good mood, you could hit some pretty big wins!

But, the downside is that these big wins will be less frequent.

You could go bust on 5 offers before you turn a big profit on one to make it all worthwhile.


Bingo Offers

You will notice that it isn’t just the casino’s that are trying to tempt players with welcome offers.

The bingo sites are also looking to do the same!

Bingo offers tend not to be risk-free, but they are generally low risk.

They have a return of around 60%, but it’s important to remember that this is an expected value over a period of time.

This means that for all bingo sites where they offer a 200% deposit, it should be viewed as an offer where the expected value is positive.

For example, if you sign up to a deposit £20 get a 200% bonus offer, that will leave us with £60 in our bank.

If we spend that £60 on bingo cards, and our expected return is 60%, then we should see a final return of £36. This gives us a £16 profit.


High-Risk Casino Offers

Now, once you’ve signed up for the all of the no risk offers, you may grow tired of waiting for no risk reloads to appear.

This is where you can start to explore the riskier casino offers, but be warned, they’re advanced for a reason.

You shouldn’t start with high-risk offers until your matched betting bank is looking pretty substantial.

This is because it’s a long term game.

You may experience losses in the short term, but they hold a longer term positive value.

With one offer, you may lose all of your deposit.

But with further offers, you may end up winning hundreds, or thousands.

It’s risky, and not for the feint hearted.

It’s stepping more towards being gambling.

Except, you are doing so safe in the knowledge that the odds and expected value is stacked in your favour.

It’s the same way the bookmakers win money.

With each bet they take, they’re not guaranteed to win.

But the expected value is in their favour, and over time they will win.

So while high-risk casino offers may not win you money every time, you will win in the long run, so long as they are positive value offers.


Where to Find Risk-Free Casino Offers

Many of you will be wondering where you can find all casino offers in one place.

And the experienced matched bettors will already know.

OddsMonkey is the site I use that provides me with all the risk-free and low-risk casino offers.

With an updated list daily it ensures you have plenty of offers to complete.

You can try out OddsMonkey for free via this link.

Or, if you want to find out more you can read about them in my OddsMonkey review.



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