The Risks of Matched Betting

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The Risks of Matched Betting

OK, I get it.

You are presented with an opportunity to earn thousands of pounds and change your life, all from the comfort of your own home.

Who wouldn’t be suspicious of such an offer?

It’s for good reason that you are.

The history of the internet has been littered with scams and money making opportunities.

Many of which turned out to be money losing opportunities.

Then matched betting comes along and is presented as an amazing risk-free money earner and eyebrows are raised.

Some people naturally switch off and miss out on the available riches.

So I’m going to explain the actual risks of matched betting and how to overcome them.


What Are The Matched Betting Risks?

Really, the statement that matched betting is risk-free is completely true.

There aren’t any risks to your money.

Well, unless you make a mistake yourself.

The only risk applies to the longevity of matched betting and how much money you can earn in the long run.

You see, the bookmakers aren’t really dancing for joy about matched betting.

Why would they?

You’re not pumping their pockets full of cash in a reckless way.

So they take it upon themselves to cull the matched bettors they detect.

This process has become known in the matched betting community as being ‘gubbed’.


What Does Gubbed Mean?

The word gubbed is a piece of matched betting jargon.

But in essence, it means that the bookmaker has made you ineligible to take part in promotions.

You will typically receive this news within an email of doom.

These emails are dreaded by matched bettors.

If you see an email from one of your bookies that starts with: “Unfortunately…” then it’s usually time to start looking for alternative options.

Often you will have been gubbed because the bookmaker in questions has flagged your account as unprofitable.

Oh, what’s that? Didn’t you get the memo?

You’re not allowed to have a profitable bookmaker account.

Even more reason to join the matched betting army and take them for every penny you can.

But you must be clever about it.


How To Avoid Being Gubbed

To understand how to avoid receiving the email of doom, we must first understand how bookmakers detect matched bettors.

Attached to each of your accounts, there is a rating system running in the background.

Each bookmaker has a complex algorithm that is monitoring and judging each of your bets.

You are rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

A 1 rating means you are awful at betting and the bookmaker loves you, and a 5 means you are great and should expect to be given the boot.

For the average gambler, it is solely how good they are at betting that will alter their score.

So sensible staking, discipline, and a good win rate will soon have them flagged and banned.

For a matched bettor though, it is likely to be your reliance on only betting on promotions which make you stand out.

Plus, if you only bet on great prices, which are close to or even better than the lay price of an exchange, alarms will start ringing.

That will have you flagged up quicker than a Lamborghini Aventador.

It’s for this reason that you must try to put your best camouflage gear on and blend in.

Adopt the appearance of a bookmakers favourite customer.

And who do bookmakers love the most?

Mug punters.

What are mug punters?

Well, they are punters who typically bet on accumulators.

Short priced favourites.

They always bet on their favourite sports team.

And they’re wildly inconsistent.

We’ll tell you more about what you can do to keep your accounts in good health shortly…


Other Risks

There really is just one other risk when it comes to matched betting.

It’s not with the process or matched betting itself. The risk is you.

And to be honest, it’s not too much of a risk if you follow the steps correctly and carefully.

So this risk can be totally avoided.

You just need to get into the habit of checking, and double checking each of your matched bets.

Yes, even when you’re a matched betting expert.

In fact, you probably have to be even more careful, because you’re starting to do matched betting with the big bucks!


Mug Betting Tips

Now you’re a clued up and smart matched bettor, you may have to swallow your pride for a second.

Because you’re going to have to imitate the money losing practices of a mug punter to keep your accounts in good health.

Before you started matched betting, you may have even been a mug punter yourself.

It’s a journey that many people take, and one that not many people want to buy a return ticket for.

However, you can still retain your superiority.

Because you will lay most of your mug bets on an exchange.

These mug bets will be easy to find using Oddsmonkey – if you aren’t using it yet, what are you waiting for?! Sign up for their free trial here.

Just see it as being on a covert mission behind enemy lines where you’re trying to blend in.

With that said, here are our best tactics for remaining undetected.


Day One Mug Punting

I understand…

You open a new account, you want to get in, take the loot and then leave until the next offer arrives.

However, these early days while the bookmaker is building up a profile of you are the most important.

Should they detect you during this period then they will say goodnight to you, forever.

Yes, your first action must be to take advantage of the welcome offer due to the terms and conditions.

But try not to take odds that are too good if you want to stay undetected.

Once you’ve completed the signup offer, don’t just disappear either.

You need to build your profile and place some mug bets.

Remember, these are bets such as favourites at low prices.

If you then lay these on an exchange then the loss will be minimal.

I recommend around 3 mug bets per offer completed.

Once you’ve done this, you can focus on reload offers.


Bet On Your Favourite Team

Nothing shouts “I am a mug punter that bets with my heart and not my head” more than betting on your own team.

If each and every week you bet on the same team, then the bookmaker will soon think that you support that team.

And betting in such an emotional and reckless way isn’t clever.

And matched bettors are clever.

So you’re clearly not a matched bettor if you do that, are you? 😉

Each and every week that your team plays, back them on the account you want to maintain and lay the bet off with an exchange.

This looks especially ‘muggy’ if your team is short priced and low on value each week.

Oh, and bonus points if you place your mug bets via mobile. This further adds to the illusion!



Ah, the practice that is immortalised by the likes of lad bible.

Groups of friends sat around on a Saturday afternoon in front of Soccer Saturday, experiencing the highs and lows of betting on accumulators.

We all know the situation here.

One leg ALWAYS lets you down.

When an accumulator does actually come in for you, it’s better than Christmas day.

And the bookmakers love this.

Accumulators as the biggest revenue generator for their sportsbooks.

Especially when they’re made up of short priced favourites.

So here is what to do.

Every Saturday, put on a 5 to 15 leg accumulator.

You only need to bet a few pounds each week and don’t even need to bother going to the effort of laying them off.

If you’re struggling for which team to back, look at the bookmakers ‘most popular’ tab.

Mug punters all tend to back the same teams.

If they don’t have one, then scan twitter and see which teams most punters are backing.

You can have it all.

You can still enjoy Soccer Saturday with your friends, you can experience the highs and mainly lows of accumulators.

But, you can sit there safe in the knowledge that you’re working towards a greater purpose.


Casino Betting

Casinos are notorious drains on your betting balance.

There are no bad days for bookmakers in casino land, they are guaranteed to make money.

It’s not like a sportsbook that can take a beating if results go against them.

As a result, bookmakers absolutely love you to play in the casino.

By playing slots or card games, your mug punter rating with go crazy.

It’s not something you need to do every week, but spending £10 every so often will look great.

That totally isn’t something a matched bettor would do – and is exactly why you should.

Remember, the returns on some slots are between 80% & 95%.

So if you place £10, you should have a return on average of between £8 & £9.50.


Avoid Taking Value

The bookmakers don’t always get their prices right.

Their sportsbook products are so huge that every day there are prices which are out of line with others in the industry and the exchanges.

These are easy to spot with price comparison tools.

The very tools which are used by most matched bettors.

So when you are continually taking the great prices that are on offer, the game is up.

The next time you see a horse that is being offered at 3.5, but the exchange lay price is 2.5, think twice.

There is a very good chance it could be the last bet you make with them.

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