Save Money This Easter – My 5 Top Tips

Last updated July 6th, 2017 in Saving Money
gold lindt bunny easter eggs and red lidnt bunny

Post-Christmas, the supermarkets are starting to fill up with chocolate easter treats EVERYWHERE. Firstly it’s not great for your waistline and secondly, it’s even worse for your bank balance. You want to save money on Easter, not spend it. Unless you’re planning to buy Cadbury’s easter eggs, they’ll probably also taste like rubbish. So you’ll be wasting your hard earned money on crap chocolate. No-one should EVER have to waste money on crap chocolate, feel me?

I’ve decided this year, that I won’t be giving any eggs this easter and hopefully I don’t receive any (my thighs can’t handle more rich foods after the Christmas cheese and wine fest). Here are my top tips on how you should celebrating easter without breaking into your bank balance.

1. Give people joy not eggs

Easter eggs are a symbol of joy and new life. That doesn’t mean you should get pregnant to give new life. But, you should give out some joy. In the run up to easter, why don’t you practice being nicer. I know it’s tough. Smile at strangers, laugh uncontrollably and be really thankful and grateful every day. You don’t realise how much a little gratitude can brighten someone’s day.

2. Cook a big family meal

Invite friends and family round and ask them all to bring an item to share with the other guests. Sharing is what these celebrations are about. If you’re hosting then you’ll be sharing your house and cooking abilities so buying gifts is unnecessary

3. Pick daffodils & tulips

easter tulips

Be careful where you picking them from as many people put hard work into their spring blooms. If you know somewhere that allows you to pick daffodils or tulips then you can spend a day picking them to give to friends and family instead. Or just pick up a cheap bunch from Tesco on Saturday evening (it’s cheaper on a Saturday night).

4. Have real eggs instead of chocolate ones

If you have children they may be a little peeved with this idea, but just go with it. Have an egg day. Eat eggs, paint eggs and throw eggs. Yes. Throw eggs. Have you ever played that game where you throw them to one another and step back each time? Play that with your kids. It’s messy but they will absolutely love it. Eggs are so cheap to pick up in your local supermarket and surely fun, eggy activities are a much better idea than filling your stomach to the point of explosion eating them?

5. Look for deals

If you MUST buy some chocolate eggs then you need to look around. Have a read of my supermarket deals page to ensure your shopping savvy enough to grab bargains. Here’s what I’ve found to be some of the cheapest easter egg deals this 2017 so far:

  • 12 pack of Cadbury Cream eggs from Tesco for £3.95
  • 328g pack of mini eggs £3 from Sainsbury’s
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny 50p in pound stretcher
  • Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Bunny £2.80 in Sainsbury’s
  • Cadburys Orea Easter egg £4 in Tesco

Personally, I’m thinking that even these are too much to be spending my money on though. Maybe I’ll wait and see if they drop in price over the Easter weekend. But for now,
my plan is to spread some joy and host a big family meal.

real eggs at easter to save money


What are your plans this Easter?

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