LiveLean Review: My Honest LiveLean Review + MuscleFood Comparison

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Livelean Review

What is LiveLean?

LiveLean are a British meat company, based in Cheshire, that source their meat from local UK farms in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

They have high standards to ensure they are supplying the best British produce, ensuring their meat is sourced from the highest welfare farms. This means we know the animals lived a happy and healthy life.

The animals were free to roam and live naturally outside, digesting a grass fed diet. Which is a big plus for me as welfare is important to me, it’s great to know the meat comes from farms with high standards.

Not only do they supply British meat, but they have also expanded to accommodate some more exotic produce like crocodile and buffalo.

They have progressed further in offering other nutritious products like fresh fish, superfoods and coconut products.


Why Use LiveLean?

I always figured companies like LiveLean were for the buff or muscly ones among us.

I’m far from one of those – 5ft nothing and a little bit fluffy around the edges, I didn’t think companies like this were for me.

That’s why I was surprised when one of my friends told me that her Slimming World group members swear by LiveLean and my other friends from different weight loss groups seem to agree.

LiveLean isn’t just a company for slimmers, it’s for anyone who loves good quality British meat – which is just about everyone.

Unless of course you’re vegetarian or vegan…then this company is probably not for you!


My LiveLean Review

My friends have been talking a lot about LiveLean – I’d never heard of them and assumed MuscleFood were the only online meat retailers – well I was wrong.

I’ve compared MuscleFood vs LiveLean later in this post, but MuscleFood do offer an incredible offer (only for new customers) if you go through this link.

I decided to bite the bullet and give Live Lean a chance.

So, I placed an order with them and bought some meat, which I decided to review for my amazing readers.

Buying meat online has always been something I’m reluctant of; I had a bad experience with a different company a few years back and it concerns me every time.

However due to the low prices and the fact that I hate supermarkets I figured it was worth a shot, so here’s my full and honest review of LiveLean:


The Packaging

The box that the meat arrived in was pretty quirky – quirky enough for me to write about…

On the side of the box it had musical notes, below these was this:

“Hello, is it MEAT you’re looking for?”

Damn right it is!

It’s the little things that keep me amused.


Premium U.K Rump Minute Steak

LiveLean Minute Steak

In this pack I received two minute rump steaks, these were so delicious.

They had a long use-by date, however they looked so tasty I had to have them right away.

To my surprise, they didn’t shrink whilst cooking them.

These steaks seemed to be tender and juicy rather than tough and chewy like other steaks can be – bonus! They tasted so meaty and succulent.

I accompanied the steaks with buttery new potatoes and mixed vegetables.

I have a habit of adding peppercorn sauce to my steak, but with this steak I felt like I would be ruining the natural flavours so didn’t bother.

It was HUGE!

The best thing about it…

It only cost me £2.95 for both minute rump steaks and tasted divine!


Whole UK Roasting Chicken

This was perfect for our roast dinner.

Combining it with vegetables, roasties, stuffing and of course Yorkshire puddings (they’re so not restricted to beef meals).

The chicken was tasty and delicious and surprisingly better than our usual supermarket chicken.

As there’s not many mouths to feed, we bought the 1.3kg roasting chicken for just £4.95 and we were not disappointed with the amount of meat we got.

I followed the instructions on the LiveLean Roasting Chicken page about putting lemon in its bum – which I did find a bit odd – but it made it really tasty, and then we used the oil and juices to make a tasty gravy.

The use-by date was also about 5 days long so we had plenty of time to use it without having to freeze it.


British Chicken Sausages

Livelean Chicken Sausages

We bought a packet of 8 chicken sausages for £2.99.

I definitely prefer chicken sausages to pork – I normally buy Heck sausages when they are on offer at the supermarket, but they’re just so expensive usually.

I found the price of these LiveLean sausages to be great value, considering eight sausages weigh 400g, so it’s not like they’re small.

I like the taste of these chicken sausages because there’s no nasty fatty taste; they were just really tasty sausages.

They were great to have with my fry-up, alongside the sliced back bacon which I also bought.

They also go well in our midweek lunch boxes for work, eaten hot or cold.

They are gluten-free, which doesn’t matter to us, but it may be of interest to others.


Premium Chicken Fillets

I could live off of chicken, it goes in most of my lunches and dinner so it’s important to find good tasting and good value chicken.

LiveLean’s Premium Chicken Fillets cost me £11.95 for 2kg, which is slightly more than I would pay at Aldi.

However, LiveLean do not add extra water into their chicken fillets so I am happy to pay slightly more for it and have better quality, rather than having chicken pumped with added water.

I feel like even though I got less weight for the money, I actually got more meat.

I got 10 in a pack and I split them into batches of two, flavoured them all differently and cooked them for about an hour and a half.

I love using chicken fillets for salads, sandwiches and packed lunches so I love buying big bulk packs like this.

The breasts are huge and tasty. If anything, so much juicier than supermarket chicken.


Finest Lean Minced Beef

Livelean Mince

Thursday night is chilli night in my house, so this lean minced beef made the perfect addition to our pre-weekend meal. PLUS it’s lean (low fat) which always helps.

I usually use Quorn mince to make chilli con carne, I prefer normal mince but because it’s so hard to find a really good quality lean packet I just use the vegetarian stuff.

Now that I’ve found this I’ll start buying it regularly, it only cost £3.45 and made a really delicious lean chilli.

I think it works out cheaper than using Quorn mince too.


Sliced Back Bacon

Using the back bacon alongside the chicken sausages made my weekend breakfast more interesting.

After date night (with a lot of gin) a little bit of bacon was a necessity.

If you have a look on LiveLean’s bacon page you’ll see all the nutritional benefits of it too – there’re tonnes which I had no idea about.

It cost me £2.65 to get 400g which worked out at 10 rashers, which means I could freeze the rest for another (potentially hungover) weekend.


Liquid Egg Whites

I love buying these instead of buying eggs because I always get upset about wasting the egg yolks when I need a white. If you didn’t know, almost all of the fat in an egg comes from the yolk.

Not all fat is bad, but I do try to avoid having yolks from time to time.

If you have any ideas what I can use leftover yolks for, please let me know…someone said putting them in my hair to make it smooth and silky, but I’m not sure.

Anyway back to the review…the liquid egg whites were great for adding to my omelettes and pancakes.

I’m not one for scrambled eggs, though, so I didn’t attempt that but I hear many people do.

It cost me £2.94 which is slightly more expensive than buying a pack of cheap eggs, but it is more convenient.

Even though everything about these was great – and they tasted delicious, I’m just not sure if I pick this slight convenience over the money saving.


LiveLean or MuscleFood?

LiveLean or MuscleFood?

It’s a tough decision for many.

Both LiveLean and Muscle Food have such a big followers and buying meat online is becoming huge.

In fact, both companies are very similar in more ways than one.

Just like LiveLean uses quirky, amusing wording on their packaging, so does MuscleFood – encouraging customers to ‘#TweetYourMeat’.

I mentioned it a little earlier on, but you can pick up a huge MuscleFood bundle for a ridiculously low price when you go through this link – it’s for new customers only.


LiveLean vs MuscleFood – Who’s Cheaper?

For 5kg of premium chicken breasts, it’s £24.95 for LiveLean and £25 for MuscleFood.

Ok, so lets be honest here, 5p difference isn’t going to break the bank.

Liquid egg whites are one of the most popular products on both LiveLean and Muscle Food’s best seller list. LiveLean sells 1L at £2.94, while Musclefood sells 1L for £2.95.

The prices for produce from both companies tend to be very similar throughout.

MuscleFood, like LiveLean, always have many promotions running, especially for new customers.

Even if it is just to make use of the welcome offers, its worth a try trying both.

That way you’ll gain an insight into which company you prefer.


LiveLean vs MuscleFood: Taste & Quality

Lets be honest, it is difficult for meat to taste different – unless you’re adding tonnes of seasoning.

Both companies pride themselves on providing high-quality meat.

MuscleFood offer free-range steaks and mince, alongside corn-fed chicken.

They state that they use “responsibly-sourced” meats which come from reputable farms where animal welfare standards are met.

Whereas LiveLean discuss how their meat has been sourced from the best welfare farms and grass fed on UK farms.

It cannot be denied that both companies carry high standards and quality meat at affordable prices.

Everybody has different preferences, but I would say that the meat from both companies tastes better than that of the average supermarket.


LiveLean and Slimming World

Many of my readers have been asking me if LiveLean is good for Slimming World members.

As previously mentioned, I touched upon the fact that LiveLean was actually introduced to me via friends. Well, they actually attend slimming groups like WeightWatchers and Slimming World.

As an ex-Slimming World group member, I know exactly how the program works and I still actively (but not always strictly) follow it from home.

But, as a money-saving blogger, obviously I don’t pay to go to a group or follow the plan online.

So here’s a run through of some of my frequently asked questions.


Is LiveLean good for slimming world members?

One word: YES!

LiveLean have such a varied range of low-fat, high-protein meats and treats to keep Slimming World-ers satisfied.

I’ve loved trying their meats and I know so many of my friends do too.

I always check the nutritional information though to ensure that what I’m buying is lean enough to be low-syn or syn-free.

If I have any queries, then my friends who still go to the slimming world group find out for me.

LiveLean has a ‘Slimming Club’ option in their main menu, so they definitely know a lot of food optimisers are buying their meats online.

If you currently attend group sessions, I’m sure you will hear members talking about buying their meat online.

I know some people even get theirs delivered to the weekly IMAGE Therapy Group as they’re not at home to pick it up.


What’s the best LiveLean hamper for Slimming World Members?

LiveLean regularly change their hampers, however they always have a tempting ‘slimming club’ hamper available.

The hampers always consist of SYN FREE or really low-syn meats.

They offer you plenty of varied meats to make unique and tasty ‘slimming world friendly’ meals…

…and of course, that makes you healthier, right?

I like the feeling of receiving all of my low-fat meats together, as it gives me chance to batch-cook for the week ahead.

The chicken sausages are a bonus too, working out to be just one syn for FOUR sausages.


What Slimming World meals have I made with LiveLean meat?

So after my initial order, I’ve made a few more since and I’ve been trying out loads of new ideas.

I have a few of the slimming world books including the Best-Loved Extra Easy Recipes one which is my ultimate favourite cookbook.

I’ve mostly been making recipes from that, some that I’ve found online and others from magazines.

Here’re my top favourite LiveLean recipes:


Chicken-Based Meal Ideas

Because LiveLean sells 5kg packs of chicken for less than £25 I’ve been able to create a magnitude of chicken meals to keep us going.

Chicken breasts are such a lean meat so they are great for extra easy and SP days. My favourites are:

  • Katsu Curry – I make this weekly because I live near an oriental takeaway, this keeps temptation at bay.
  • Pizza Topped Chicken – My ultimate syn-free treat meal. I absolutely love pizza so when ‘dieting’ I like to have a good replacement, and this is definitely it.
    – I even use LiveLeans high-protein cheese, meaning I can get loads more for my healthy extra.
  • Sticky Chicken – for when I’m feeling sweet. It’s quick, easy and tasty and can easily be thrown together with some veggies, pasta or a salad.
  • Chicken Chow Mein – for a quick and easy dinner. Normally the rushed Monday night meal, especially if it’s been a rather “synful” weekend.


Mince-Based Meal Ideas

After searching through loads of supermarkets I really struggled with finding lean mince.

Many would say they were lean but would still be over 5% fat, and I know that with slimming world mince needs to be below 5% to be classed as syn free.

That’s when I discovered LiveLean’s mince is only 4% fat, which is awesome. I love using Mince for quick and easy dinners as well as more time-consuming meals like burgers – but here are my top 3:

  • Chilli Con Carne – I make this weekly as it’s quick, easy and spicy.
  • Cheese and Bacon Burgers – When I have a little extra time on my hands, normally a weekend meal if I can be bothered.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – Because isn’t a spag bol just the easiest of dinners?


‘Best Of The Rest’ Meal Ideas

With loads of other meats to choose from like steaks and lean meatballs, it’s hard to ignore these in favour of chicken and mince.

I’m not too keen on pork, but I tend to tweak some of the pork recipes to use chicken instead.

Here’s the best of the rest, all the other slimming world meals I make using LiveLean products:

  • Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce – using LiveLeans tasty meatballs
  • Steak Frites – Obviously with all the fat chopped off
  • Cooked Breakfast – Using Chicken sausages and bacon (with the fat removed)
  • Egg White Omelette – using their egg whites, to make it leaner than a normal omelette. I usually make this at the end of the week to use up all the leftovers in the fridge to make way for more.


What are the other benefits to Slimming World Members?

LiveLean has tonnes of other benefits, not just to slimming world members but for people wanting to lead a healthier, low-cost lifestyle.

The reason I was so attracted to the idea of LiveLean was because I knew I was getting great quality meat for super low prices – and as you know, I LOVE low prices!

Their website is so easy to use, I have some real technophobe friends and they’ve managed to make orders easily.

LiveLean’s website looks clean and organised, which reflects so well on them as a company.

Their customer service is great. Customer service, for me, is one of the main things that would make me return to a business.

I’ve previously phoned up to amend my orders and asked for extra details from the team and they have always been so kind, warm and friendly.

They also have plenty of syn-free snacks and zero calorie coffee syrups to indulge in too. They’re so versatile and varied.


How to get started

LiveLean’s website is so easily accessible. As soon as you go to their homepage you will see in the menu the “Slimming Club” option.

This will take you straight to their lean meats and lean hampers.

By heading to the “slimming club” option, you can ensure you’re getting the right meat and don’t end up accidentally buying super fatty cuts.


Live Lean Promotions, Deals & Offers

LiveLean features many different deals and offers. If you’re a student you can get 10% discount and if your order is above £75 you can get free delivery.

Alexis x


Written by: Alexis
LiveLean provide great quality meat at unbeatable prices. I was more than impressed with their quality, price and speed of delivery. Will definitely use again.
5 / 5 stars

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